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Congratulations and thank you for bringing us such a great browser! Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 1 releas... 2017-10-08, 11:55:32
Hello and welcome.The Tab Bar can be moved anywhere. There's a small drag and drop widget at its left side. Just drag it to t... Otter Browser Forum Re: Tabs. As with Ope... 2017-08-20, 17:56:50
Even though I don't use Linux, that's nice to know indeed! Thanks for sharing the info. Otter Browser Forum Re: It comes on the G... 2017-08-02, 19:47:32
Quote from: exley on 2017-07-18, 10:20:51meh, how come 185 wasn't released ?Changes in the past week are mainly sourcecode cl... Otter Browser Forum Re: 184 bugs and nags 2017-07-18, 20:22:25
Quote from: xfrank on 2017-07-08, 13:47:271 - I miss the option to minimize the upper bars to gain space (the bars are really... Otter Browser Forum Re: Very good browser 2017-07-08, 17:59:58
Quote from: ChrisG3 on 2017-07-08, 15:45:511)  Author ModeThere's a long discussion on the topic on GitHub. Feel free to join... Otter Browser Forum Re: Suggested enhance... 2017-07-08, 17:30:26
Quote from: rhubarbpieguy on 2017-05-04, 13:46:17Alt shortcuts would be very welcome but I don't understand why only basic fu... Otter Browser Forum Re: Key action questi... 2017-05-04, 18:49:35
Both links work fine here. Otter Browser Forum Re: Link in about dialog 2017-04-02, 14:58:02
Well, honestly I have no idea. I just pressed the "Add" button and whenever I pressed "Ctrl" and "Tab", Otter added a blank l... Otter Browser Forum Re: Disabling the tab... 2017-03-31, 18:52:20
@vbr, I didn't recall there was such shortcut. Thanks for the reminder. I set the "Go to Tab on Left" action to use "Ctrl+Tab... Otter Browser Forum Re: Disabling the tab... 2017-03-30, 16:41:16

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