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Quote from: larry on 2018-08-06, 11:00:57Where has the "AppImage for Linux" gone?No update since week 233...Aren't they suppo... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 11 relea... 2018-08-06, 19:26:39
You mean you tried contributing a Thai localization at Transifex and it didn't work out or what? Otter Browser Forum Re: Localization help 2018-07-20, 17:40:03
A year or so ago, and for months in a row, I had to use the mobile version and mask as Chrome. Now I mask as Opera 12.Also tr... Otter Browser Forum Re: youtube ?? 2018-07-20, 17:27:55
Quote from: ersi on 2018-07-13, 08:24:55@beastie Does config/override.ini take a "*" for *everything*?You mean as a global ov... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-13, 18:20:03
Quote from: pantoframe on 2018-07-11, 22:48:18There must be an about:config edit or a box I can untick that will completely d... Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-13, 18:17:18
Check this thread. Security\IgnoreSslErrors will be set in your config/override.ini file. Otter Browser Forum Re: SSL/TLS Certifica... 2018-07-11, 17:36:52
Quote from: Pref on 2018-07-08, 08:21:45Also, it means higher memory usage. We have six company's profiles on gmail to deal w... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-07-08, 08:40:58
Quote from: smaragdus on 2018-06-22, 06:43:34It is not the end of the world, I agree, it is just the end of my interest in Ot... Otter Browser Forum Re: disgusting look... 2018-06-22, 19:33:16
Quote from: MamiyaOtaru on 2018-06-22, 08:46:17Anyway, put some icons together to complete the Oxygen theme (ie has all the s... Otter Browser Forum Re: disgusting look... 2018-06-22, 19:28:20
Quote from: smaragdus on 2018-06-21, 16:31:10I cannot believe that there are no free icon sets better than the current one, e... Otter Browser Forum Re: disgusting look... 2018-06-21, 18:36:22

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