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Maybe it's a problem between the website and WebKit. I'm using FreeBSD 10.1 and most images I found on the home page display fine. Only a few of them caused the problem you're describing.

Or maybe it's just a problem with the website. I tried it in Opera and the images that didn't work in Otter were shown, but with a weird background image with a "Clear" alttext.
Thank you and congratulations for another great release!
It works fine here under FreeBSD.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: MIME types
Ah, okay then. Thanks.
Otter Browser Forum / MIME types
Can MIME types be set now in Preferences > Advanced > Downloads or has it not been fully implemented yet?

Every time I try magnet or x-scheme-handler/magnet it says Invalid MIME Type name.

I also added it with xdg-mime default <someapplication>.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnet and tried again in Otter to no avail.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.

it seems that you can't change the size, or am I ignoring something?

The size of what exactly?
You can change the icon size which sets the height of any *bar (right-click > Configure... > Icon size). Further configuration is expected to be available in the first stable release.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.
Yes, I tried it on these forums and noticed that too. That's why I said I'm not sure they're working properly.
I've reported the issue here.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.
Code: [Select]

            "type": "include",
            "includeIn": "link",

But I'm not sure they are really working properly. I'll let Emdek provide a more authoritative answer.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.
Yes, there is some documentation.

You can customize toolbars, menus, etc. by creating .json files in your config directory. The default .json files can be found in the source code.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.

>tab stacking pls

I thought I was all alone hehe :eyes:
Otter Browser Forum / Re: What I need.
I need tab groups like Opera's.
"BookmarkBar" is just something I made up. Try it, it won't blow up in your face ;)

And I guess all toolbars, including custom ones, will have to be integrated into the View > Toolbars menu (to allow enabling/disabling) and be customizable through a GUI, just like in Opera. I doubt this is high on Michał's priority list though.

For now removing the location entry hides the toolbar, but you have to restart Otter for this to take effect.
EDIT: Hmm, actually "location": "none", does seem to be working...

Don't forget this is a very new feature that is being actively developed, with the most significant commits being no older than 10 days (March 12).
Checking the latest commits and source should give you an idea.

Let's say I have a bookmark for my webmail and 2 bookmark folders called "Forums" and "FreeBSD". I would have to add this custom toolbar to toolBars.json to create a bookmark bar:
Code: [Select]

"identifier": "BookmarkBar",
"location": "right",
"bookmarks:/Yahoo! Mail",

The bookmark bar with a bookmark and 2 folders should now be visible on the right.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Openssl update
Yep, that's the OpenSSL team carrying on with their half-assed development practices.


Hooray #OpenSSL - let's have CVE's and public release of issues on Jan 7 that were fixed in #LibreSSL on May 26:

Otter has a --privatesession option which misbehaves. I think a better idea would be a --tempprofile option which would create a whole new profile at startup, load the default settings, and delete the profile at program quit.

Code: [Select]

otter-browser --profile /tmp/testprofile/config
rm -r /tmp/testprofile/


The problem I'm having right now is when I try to Import my opera bookmarks (either in .adr or .html format) I get the following error message: "Failed to open file for reading".

While the main developers will see your post, it's always better to head out to GitHub and open a new issue ticket.

Will there be an opera extensions support in the future (such as ExtendTube, etc.)?

Maybe along with Firefox and Chrome extensions?!
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests

Quote from: ersi
Have you tried downloading with different profiles?

You probably mean merely browser's user-data profile. If so, I use only default profile.

ersi is most likely referring to the --profile command line option, e.g.:
Code: [Select]
otter-browser --profile /tmp/otter/config

I don't know where the profile is stored.

There's a .config (hidden) directory in your home directory.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests

Make bookmark sidebar significantly more shrinkable.

Yes. I wish there was an about:config line which would state the number of px how shrinkable the panel is, and the user can overwrite it.

There was such an option. It was initially called Hotlist/Width and was later renamed to Sidebar/Width.
Emdek removed it on October 30 when he added a splitbar to resize the sidebar.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Opera IRC

- IM client module (libpurple based, including support for IRC)
I don't use the default profile location, but I believe the file should be ~/.config/otter/config/menuBar.json.
Just like anything else that is customizable in Otter, the menus are now imported from a user-editable (JSON) file. By default the file doesn't exist and you must create it in the <otter profile>/config directory. So just save menuBar.json there, modify it and run Otter.

If you're looking for a GUI within Otter, there is none. And I doubt it's a high priority, but you'll have to ask Emdek to be sure.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Feature Requests

Quzilla and Midori use Qt WebKit and not Qt WebEngine.

I want a werbkit that was not based on Gooogle Chrome webkit Blink

I want nothing to do with blink.

1. Someday in the future, Qt WebEngine will be the default and Qt WebKit will be deprecated and then removed when WebEngine is mature enough. It's only a matter of time.
2. Changing the layout engine should not have any impact on the interface. Just because the management at Opera ASA decided to flush the "old Opera" interface down the toilet and ignore the needs of thousands of its power users, doesn't mean all browsers should have a Chrome-like interface, even if they are based on Blink.

Heck, maybe there'll be build flags, too.

Most probably:
Quote from: Emdek
I guess that QtWebEngine backend could be first thing using build options

Are you going to integrate an IRC client into it in the near future?

To paraphrase the "todo list": maybe but there are more pressing matters...