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I was trying Opera Touch on my phone. The interface is pretty good. Its central tenet is well-known, but I don't think I've seen it in a browser before (or even much on Android outside of CyanogenMod and a custom launcher or two): an interface element from which you swipe in a direction to activate an action. Unfortunately you can't customize the actions, making it possibly the most elegant mobile browser in existence yet quintessentially very modern Opera.

The biggest problem is that it pops up messages about only working if Google Play services are installed. This isn't actually true for regular use at all, but it looks as though Flow might depend on it.
Spatial navigation in Vivaldi doesn't work that well imo. Explanation here:
Make me pay around 200 dollars for Win 10, force me take updates
I'm not super happy with Windows 10 (updates are a major component of life being so much better on Linux) but I paid something like € 12,50 for my key.
I switched to Linux as my main OS for two reasons:

  • I think it's more user-friendly than Windows 7 (which as far as UI disasters goes is no different than Vista). I especially appreciate the ease of playing around with software in Linux.
  • Windows Vista/7 broke pretty much all that tied me to XP anyway. Most software I use is cross-platform, so it hardly matters if I use it on Windows, Mac or Linux.

    The only Windows software I felt short-changed on was Notepad++, µTorrent & foobar2000. Notepad++ is arguably unequaled, but Geany and KDevelop are excellent alternatives. µTorrent is complete junk these days and qBittorrent is immeasurably superior. foobar2000 remains the cream of the crop, but DeaDBeeF is also outstanding.

Also the fact that I didn't have to use Cygwin to use a superior command prompt was a major attraction. I think Microsoft pulled a really smart one there with their Linux subsystem. Of course I switched when PowerShell was a lot worse than it is now.

PS I maintain a Windows 10 install of course, occasionally for Microsoft Office (better in VM), but primarily for games.
I think my wife wants to stay with Windows 7 too.
I hadn't heard of that specific device, but there are plenty of touchpads you can get. Personally I'd most seriously consider a small or medium sized Wacom touchpad since besides the newer multitouch gestures you can also use the pen on it.
If it's built into the system it might have some chance of working reasonably well, whereas the regular on-Android stuff is a collection of horrible hacks.
Even though it said doping, I guess I wasn't really expecting the words "organized crime ring."
''We had been monitoring suspects during the World Cup, round-the-clock, and we saw these five athletes on a regular basis with organised criminal groups, both before and during World Cup," Mr Csefan said, adding that a total of 120 people were involved in investigations and seizures, and 16 locations had been searched.
Yeah, they do that. :/
Indeed, they updated it from the useless Win+Tab in Windows 7. I don't like it overly much, other than that combined with the three-finger up gesture to pull it up it makes for much nicer touchpad control of your device. With the keyboard I just Alt+Tab.

But it's certainly not horrible or anything. Ctrl + Win + arrows switches between virtual desktops. Ctrl+Win+D creates one, Ctrl+Win+F4 closes one. Three-finger swipe left/right is similar to Alt+Tab, which works quite elegantly.

Also potentially somewhat interesting is that Win + a number switches to that number window on the taskbar. Of course that only really works elegantly for the few that you might've pinned since there's no indication otherwise.
What do you mean by dropping precisely?
Something like your Nimbler is available with Rofi.
Yes, I believe this is still a good list.
What about this one?

Window managers are hard. ;) But also, just about anything I can imagine already exists, although I don't know why the concept of hasn't caught on more.
@pccobbler I linked to the one for Bionic (18.04) which I figured should be most widely compatible, but there are also packages for 18.10 and 19.04 (which seems to use libhunspell-1.7-0 instead).

If your Mint is pre-18.04 it might be a little harder.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Hooray! Less success over here I'm afraid. You seemed great but the other candidate has more experience. Which is still nice to hear and all but it's not a job. :)
If you click through on the PPA website a little you can also download the packages without using the PPA mechanism. E.g., here.

Btw @Emdek it says around there that the import is failing, presumably because "This branch is an import of the HEAD branch of the Git repository at" (which is apparently not auto-redirected to the now proper organization URL).
Very nice looking. I wonder if the vocal commentary is enough to work while washing the dishes (when you only glance over for the more interesting parts).
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Wow, good luck!
If this is one of your main reasons for not ditching Opera 12 yet, then whatever you do, don't hold your breath while waiting.  ;)
If you open 91 tabs in a Chromium and it's only using 5 GB, consider yourself lucky. ;)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: google error
That's on the Windows build?
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You wonder what to do this afternoon.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
True. It has a retro charm now.

Your cat is already asleep.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?

You'll eat some eggs.