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DnD Central / Re: Welcome to SMF!

Thanks to a couple of friends, I'm finally aboard! :)

Welcome. Have a test of international characters:


Sanskrit: काचं शक्नोम्यत्तुम् । नोपहिनस्ति माम् ॥
Sanskrit (standard transcription): kācaṃ śaknomyattum; nopahinasti mām.
Classical Greek: ὕαλον ϕαγεῖν δύναμαι· τοῦτο οὔ με βλάπτει.
Greek (monotonic): Μπορώ να φάω σπασμένα γυαλιά χωρίς να πάθω τίποτα.
Greek (polytonic): Μπορῶ νὰ φάω σπασμένα γυαλιὰ χωρὶς νὰ πάθω τίποτα.
Etruscan: (NEEDED)
Latin: Vitrum edere possum; mihi non nocet.
Old French: Je puis mangier del voirre. Ne me nuit.
French: Je peux manger du verre, ça ne me fait pas  mal.
Provençal / Occitan: Pòdi manjar de veire, me nafrariá pas.
Québécois: J'peux manger d'la vitre, ça m'fa pas mal.
Walloon: Dji pou magnî do vêre, çoula m' freut nén må.
Champenois: (NEEDED)
Lorrain: (NEEDED)
Picard: Ch'peux mingi du verre, cha m'foé mie n'ma.
Corsican/Corsu: (NEEDED)
Jèrriais: (NEEDED)
Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitï): Mwen kap manje vè, li pa blese'm.
Basque: Kristala jan dezaket, ez dit minik ematen.
Catalan / Català: Puc menjar vidre, que no em fa mal.
Spanish: Puedo comer vidrio, no me hace daño.
Aragonés: Puedo minchar beire, no me'n fa mal .
Aranés: (NEEDED)
Mallorquín: (NEEDED)
Galician: Eu podo xantar cristais e non cortarme.
European Portuguese: Posso comer vidro, não me faz mal.
Brazilian Portuguese (8): Posso comer vidro, não me machuca.
Caboverdiano/Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde): M' podê cumê vidru, ca ta maguâ-m'.
Papiamentu: Ami por kome glas anto e no ta hasimi daño.
Italian: Posso mangiare il vetro e non mi fa male.
Milanese: Sôn bôn de magnà el véder, el me fa minga mal.
Roman: Me posso magna' er vetro, e nun me fa male.
Napoletano: M' pozz magna' o'vetr, e nun m' fa mal.
Venetian: Mi posso magnare el vetro, no'l me fa mae.
Zeneise (Genovese): Pòsso mangiâ o veddro e o no me fà mâ.
Sicilian: Puotsu mangiari u vitru, nun mi fa mali.
Campinadese (Sardinia): (NEEDED)
Lugudorese (Sardinia): (NEEDED)
Romansch (Grischun): Jau sai mangiar vaider, senza che quai fa donn a mai.
Romany / Tsigane: (NEEDED)
Romanian: Pot să mănânc sticlă și ea nu mă rănește.
Esperanto: Mi povas manĝi vitron, ĝi ne damaĝas min.
Pictish: (NEEDED)
Breton: (NEEDED)
Cornish: Mý a yl dybry gwéder hag éf ny wra ow ankenya.
Welsh: Dw i'n gallu bwyta gwydr, 'dyw e ddim yn gwneud dolur i mi.
Manx Gaelic: Foddym gee glonney agh cha jean eh gortaghey mee.
Old Irish (Ogham): ᚛᚛ᚉᚑᚅᚔᚉᚉᚔᚋ ᚔᚈᚔ ᚍᚂᚐᚅᚑ ᚅᚔᚋᚌᚓᚅᚐ᚜
Old Irish (Latin): Con·iccim ithi nglano. Ním·géna.
Irish: Is féidir liom gloinne a ithe. Ní dhéanann sí dochar ar bith dom.
Ulster Gaelic: Ithim-sa gloine agus ní miste damh é.
Scottish Gaelic: S urrainn dhomh gloinne ithe; cha ghoirtich i mi.
Anglo-Saxon (Runes): ᛁᚳ᛫ᛗᚨᚷ᛫ᚷᛚᚨᛋ᛫ᛖᚩᛏᚪᚾ᛫ᚩᚾᛞ᛫ᚻᛁᛏ᛫ᚾᛖ᛫ᚻᛖᚪᚱᛗᛁᚪᚧ᛫ᛗᛖ᛬
Anglo-Saxon (Latin): Ic mæg glæs eotan ond hit ne hearmiað me.
Middle English: Ich canne glas eten and hit hirtiþ me nouȝt.
English: I can eat glass and it doesn't hurt me.
English (IPA): [aɪ kæn iːt glɑːs ænd ɪt dɐz nɒt hɜːt miː] (Received Pronunciation)
English (Braille): ⠊⠀⠉⠁⠝⠀⠑⠁⠞⠀⠛⠇⠁⠎⠎⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠊⠞⠀⠙⠕⠑⠎⠝⠞⠀⠓⠥⠗⠞⠀⠍⠑
Jamaican: Mi kian niam glas han i neba hot mi.
Quote from: string
Although the point of gaining other members is indeed vital, that's for when the site is ready for it. But as I understand it mjm's comment was not actually a critique on that precisely (sorry for that misunderstanding mjm) but about the question asked to root out auto-spam entries. I like the idea of a question if one can be formulated which could be understood equally well across the world. Maybe In what country is the Eiffel Tower? or where is the great wall  of China? or Enter in letters the sum of 2 and 3.

I've replaced the myopera question with the last question. Let's see if we get any spam registrations.
DnD Central / Re: Welcome to SMF!

Members from the lounge, that d&d is apart of, are here too. Hence "MyOpera" as the community.  ;)
Also more generally some MyOpera members who don't check into D&D very often.
They're working, but we'd need better ones.

Right now [the forum] sends [e-mails] on behalf of my Gmail account, but I should probably set it up as something like which will ignore whatever spam comes its way.
DnD Central / Re: Forum clock
I'm not a fan of CAPTCHAs, but spam is a serious issue. Unfortunately spambots are better at solving them than humans, making them virtually useless (unless I customized it with a custom blackletter font or something, but some humans might have trouble with that too.)

I believe the option to ask questions is more user-friendly and for now hopefully sufficient against spammers. Specifically questions that can't be easily found with autocomplete on Google. But I'll give it more thought or ask for more input on that matter if I decide this is viable. :)
I evaluated several options. I can bore you by listing them all if you're interested. :P FluxBB and SMF were the winners from a user's perspective, which for me includes that it should work in pretty much any browser ever made. Unlike junk like Disqus, most forum systems actually passed that test.

Anyway, as a user I preferred FluxBB, but from the admin side of things SMF was the winner.
I disabled the hostname lookups like I said I would. I'll have to reenable them later to check whether it was that or just some server fluke.
Hah, for years I've been typing My Opera without a space. That's the answer (case insensitive).

Apparently multiple answers is supported in the next big upgrade.

Anyway, I thought I'd disabled validation for new users.  :-\

Edit: okay, I figured it out. There's separate settings for posting in the forum and for sending PMs.
I guess that might suggest a memory problem or something, except trying e.g. memory-intensive admin tasks does not fail. I'll disable hostname lookups (on by default) as suggested here, although as far as I can tell that should just result in slower loading times.
The reason I think it might be a propagation issue is because everyone has (or should have) multiple DNS servers set up in their router. So it's possible that one server received the new info and the other didn't. On the other hand, the router should really cache such things...

In any case, that's why I won't call this test a failure yet until Friday.
DnD Central / Re: Forum clock
Oh, that's because you're a new user. It's an anti-spam measure. I'll disable that for now but I might have to reinstall the whole forum regardless. Or use another one. For now it's not going very well, that much is obvious.
DnD Central / Re: Forum clock
Unfortunately I can't do anything about that. It's just shared hosting; I'm not the server administrator.
I hope this problem is related to DNS propagation, but one thing's for sure: the server is reacting slower right now than I've ever seen since going with this provider (which we've been with for over a year now). That includes other domains, not just this one. The error log is showing nothing but browsers requesting favicon.ico.
Sure. :P