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I'm pretty sure it was tongue in cheek. The point is primarily that there's no need to. ;)
DnD Central / Re: This is a testing forum
I mostly meant that I have no interest in creating a video bbtag myself, while I will personally implement or modify a proper quick quote feature if migration actually becomes necessary.

I took a quick look around and I suppose this premade addon might do:

YouTube bbcode:

Just a link:

Wrapped in url bbcode to prevent embedding:

Code: [Select]
YouTube bbcode:

Just a link:

Wrapped in url bbcode to prevent embedding:

I'm not a big fan of the automatic link functionality though, plus I think a video bbcode with YouTube support would be better (i.e. more universal/extendable). I'll leave this one up for a bit to see how it works out.

I noticed that, if I change the subject line of my post, that subject is displayed at the forum's "last post" area suggesting that it is the thread's title, which it is not. Does it work as expected?
It's what Simple Machines expects. It may not be what you or I expect... but I guess it'd be easy enough to change.
DnD Central / Re: This is a testing forum
I should hope not. They're gigantic. But you can always link to them.
Forum Administration / Re: Moderation
I'll have a go at it if you like Frenzie; it will take a couple of weeks or so since I'm going to Nl this week. I may need to contact Opera if I'm to plagiarise their rules.

That would be great. :)
I suppose I should rephrase that as "many e-mail clients have retarded defaults." :P
Unfortunately that's not available by default. I should be able to implement such functionality without too much effort, although getting it right (with the link to the original comment and everything) might be a tad harder. Rest assured that I am motivated to implement quick quote.

I could probably throw together a serviceable (but not exactly good) Quick Quote UserJS as early as this week if you like, but getting it as default functionality will have to wait.

@string I'm not sure. Perhaps I can leave this problem to Macallan. :devil:
The big flaw of plain text e-mail is that it automatically line-breaks at, what is it, 72 characters? Besides that it's great. I prefer it despite that problem. The huge pain that is Blackboard now seems to force HTML e-mail upon you if you send it from within its interface.
Note that threads may not have to pass away. The My Opera backup I'm running should allow me to import select threads. However, that'll likely be a greater effort than the myopera-backup script itself, which took only a few hours, so unless I get some help there who knows when it'll happen. I know there's people besides me who can do some basic scripting and have some basic knowledge of SQL, so as soon as I provide the data (or earlier because some testing data takes mere seconds to obtain), others can work on that.

So if you have a thread you'd really, really like to transfer, all you need to get started is available at these two links: (there should be some kind of install.sql file in the archive, but their site is down for maintenance atm so I can't check)

My last OPERA experience was v10.63.....I decided to switch to FireFox because I didn't like using menus...I wanted to use buttons...Custom Buttons is a breeze with FireFox (for what I want anyway), & I found customization much more user friendly in FireFox. Extensions were a dime a dozen,,,,Greasemonkey for userscripts gave me even more flexibility, & between the two I was able to find just about everything I could possibly ever want.

Could you tell me more about that? I couldn't figure it out compared to Opera. I'm not interested in messing with XUL, although I might do it as a last resort.

But I've got my Opera customized in just about each and every aspect. How I can attach the same macro to a menu, button, mouse gesture, stack a whole bunch together... I don't think any other browser has that.
DnD Central / Re: Welcome to SMF!
Being able to view most of the world's scripts with no issue is something I want, not something I actually need. Viewing those emojis is something I neither want nor need. In any case, I've got 6GB RAM, so it's not an issue. Here's what I install.
tried to hide it behind tinyurl

On that note, this isn't Twitter! There's a limit of many thousands of characters (determined by me; I'll have to give it some thought eventually), but in practice that still means URLs can be as long as you want.

I dabble in making icons myself occasionally, but right now I have neither the time nor the inclination.

If you dabbled, then assumedly you have something ready too. For this particular forum, even an unfinished but presentable work would suffice.

I'm not sure that follows; I don't believe I have making icons as a hobby just because I make one every three years or so. :P
One question for Frenzie though. While we want new members, is there any problem from your viewpoint in having the number grow quickly (we have until March) during this teething time?
Not at all. If it turned out it were too much traffic or some such, surely the sooner we know the better.
Apparently this feature is surprisingly integrated. I can assign members to a non-post based group and then hide their title, but I can't remove the "Newbie" group. I'll have to look into this further at a later date as I don't see much of a point either.
How to handle archiving, including signature, whether to use HTML e-mails, whether to top or bottom post... as far as I recall Evolution can do those kind of settings application-wide only. I'm not trying to convert anyone to Thunderbird or anything; as far as I know Tb, Evolution, Claws, and probably several others are fine e-mail clients. :)
These are the defaults:

Code: [Select]

Newbie 0
Jr. Member 50
Full Member 100
Sr. Member 250
Hero Member 500
I actually used Evolution for a while, but it was occasionally a bit slow and more important not always stable. Another potential issue is settings are a bit all or nothing. In Thunderbird you can have different settings per e-mail account, somewhat akin to Opera's site preferences.
Forum Administration / Moderation
I'll pen down a few thoughts on what I think would be good to have in moderators:

  • An international aspect with regard to timezones. This probably means at least a couple of people from Europe or Africa and a couple from the Americas. I know there might be some people from around UTC+6 through UTC+11, but that might be harder to achieve. Note that I mean this primarily as a practical matter with regard to potential moderator response times, not as an attempt at cultural diversity.

  • Diversity of beliefs. This is not an atheist forum. I'm not sure whether this will have to be defined more precisely, but it means e.g. Belfrager could a candidate if he were interested.

PS This is more for myself but it might be of interest:
Quote from: jax
I wouldn't bother too much with the captchas, but what any forum needs is quick ways to mass delete messages. Post limits and join limits are good as well.
Anyway like 'Macallan' I switched my e-mail client long ago and never bothered with M2 again. I know some people here really like M2, well good luck to them and don't be too surprised if M2 just vanish someday!
I only use M2 for newsfeeds these days; I don't think I've used it for mail since '08-ish. Like I said, there was virtually no visible development there since Opera 7, while Thunderbird kept improving in the meantime. I currently use Icedove (=Thunderbird).
I get 81 smilies too, but I think my order is different. O_o

Anyway, e.g. Chuck Norris used to be hidden, but there might be others. See e.g.


  • One of the hidden smilies is a tough guy known for his roundhouse kicks.

  • If people are with someone they really like, they tend do ... a bit.

  • An expression often said out loud about something really cute.

  • Another word for facial hair.

  • In a certain mini-game in WarioWare, Inc., players are required to scare people away with this character.

  • This smiley is an animated character often seen in the PenguinsPlus group.

Anyway, judging by Tamil's comment, there were 75 visible smilies and 6 hidden ones, which would seem to account for all of our present 81.

As for alternative smiley activators, here's some indicators:
DnD Central / Re: This is a testing forum

@frenzie - Frans, I reported one of your posts to see if the reporting mechanism worked - did the report get through to you?
Yes, it did.
DnD Central / Re: Welcome to SMF!
I didn't want to copy the entire page. You guys really need more fonts though. xD

Unicode doesn't just have regular emoticons, it has all these freaking emojis. Now there's a whole bunch of things I don't have in my fonts. :P

I gave up on Opera when they dropped support for anything non-x86, without even bothering to whip up something halfway stable as a final release. Especially MacOS X / powerpc support was apparently dropped in the middle of an unannounced beta phase.

They also won't be returning to *BSD.

I think it's just a matter of time they will (also) close the mail-client. I think it's safe to say that people only using that half-baked mail-client because of it's integration with the browser!

I think it had some really neat features for its time, see e.g. Mark Schenk's review. Unfortunately development was going along at a snail's pace from Opera 7 all the way through 11.50. There were some minor changes like newsfeeds, but even so it took about 8 years for newsfeed folders to arrive.
..... On a non-related subject, are all BB Codes available for our use, or must some be turned on/activated by you before we can access them for our forum usage?

I've tried a few from my/a personal list on one of my FireFox toolbars I've used elsewhere that seem inoperative here in this forum/bulletin board.

Here's a list of supported bbcodes. What kind of bbcodes did you try that are inoperative? I'll point out in advance that I'm not especially fond of embedding video instead of linking to it.

What does those interrogation symbols means?

That I meant to select the exclamation mark and never noticed I accidentally missed by one. :P In the case of Barulheira he doubtless means it as a question. If I were to make a custom theme (NB that's merely a far-off possibility for months from now) I'd actually consider removing those because I don't really see the point and they mostly seem to provide visual clutter. I'm open to different opinions.
I could easily put them up since they'd take little space, and making them usable on the forum shouldn't take much effort either, but I should take matters like e.g. copyright into account. In the case of the MyOpera smilies I'll probably keep a copy myself, but weren't there some hidden ones too?