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Top trading partner for European countries. DnD Central Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ? 2018-04-17, 11:58:19
In China, Norway and the US the first floor is the ground floor. In Czechia, Sweden and Britain the first floor is the floor ... The Lounge Re: The Holiday Greet... 2018-04-14, 12:37:28
A corresponding elevator in China. The Lounge Re: The Holiday Greet... 2018-04-13, 12:32:49
Your jibe is out of date. The international ferries, Norway to Denmark, once Norway to Britain, and Sweden to Finland/Estonia... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2018-04-13, 09:30:55
Quote from: rjhowie on 2018-04-08, 23:21:20Haha, nice try Belfrager. My only complaint about Portugal is how it did in it's m... DnD Central Re: DnD entropy 2018-04-11, 16:53:14
Quote from: ersi on 2018-03-17, 20:04:34Congrats Finland. And Estonia is behind all its neighbours. Luckily I have already ma... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2018-04-08, 12:42:43
Pig farms in EUrope. DnD Central Re: Maps-Maps-Maps! ? 2018-04-06, 17:19:25
You generally have to deal, Spotify: Swiss or Swedish? Whatevs, says New York, flies the wrong flagQuoteSpotify was founded b... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2018-04-05, 09:45:56
Changing URLs is inconvenient in many or most publishing systems, as links to old URLs should be redirected to new. For that ... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2018-04-05, 08:48:51
That they inherited from the British. The American separatists, after winning the war of independence, revolutionised about e... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2018-04-04, 03:02:17

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