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Fair point. I was thinking of Putin biting over more than he could chew. The blowback could quite possibly lead to Ukrainian ... DnD Central Re: NATO nonsense 2022-01-23, 07:15:05
Quote from: ersi on 2022-01-22, 09:31:30Germany is a NATO country. So, either NATO works or it doesn't.Germany is a NATO coun... DnD Central Re: NATO nonsense 2022-01-22, 12:50:19
That is how the weapons control system works, when it works. If the rules say that weapons cannot be delivered to a country, ... DnD Central Re: NATO nonsense 2022-01-22, 09:17:54
Quote from: Jimbro3738 on 2015-07-05, 13:29:03The Disinformation Age? The future of the past DnD Central Re: The Ages of civil... 2022-01-21, 08:34:43
Had the same issue, but got it via Google (after some built-in cookie delay). Much greater confidence for the LV HSR line tha... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2022-01-13, 16:45:35
Saw there was a clip on the Follo Line project, Oslo.  Good enough case of underground spaghetti. DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2022-01-13, 10:42:27
What are you doing, mocking everyone's most beloved genius.There is definitely a market for better, primarily cheaper, tunnel... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2022-01-11, 09:40:08
Quote from: Frenzie on 2022-01-08, 12:02:28I'll grant that a train traveling at 300 km/h isn't quite as comfortable as one tr... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2022-01-09, 07:03:35
As it happens, the best night train ran Amsterdam-Prague. The compartments were practical, comfortable, and convenient withou... DnD Central Re: Infrastructure 2022-01-09, 06:40:31 DnD Central Re: The awesomesauce ... 2022-01-07, 13:11:05

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