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I think most of us are older than Emacs, though when I first used it had been around forever. Now that I looked it up, it had... DnD Central Re: I Feel Old… 2020-10-28, 09:13:52
Besides, by inauguration day 2029 Obama would be 68 years old. To paraphrase Borat, he would be too young for you. DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-10-25, 08:15:54
That was, I assume, for the 2008 election, not the 2028 one. There is a loophole, either big or medium-sized, in the 22nd ame... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-10-22, 10:04:33
Dumplings and Delicacies, a retrospective. Hobbies & Entertainment Re: Food 2020-10-20, 09:35:25
Flying pricks, even... DnD Central Re: Drone Technology 2020-10-18, 17:37:47
Awesome. Quote from: rjhowie on 2016-10-29, 00:44:13My bag was full of that "awesome" rubbishing word.Quote from: rjhowie on ... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-10-16, 09:23:39
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2020-10-14, 07:39:58Better yet, RJ: No more human priests! AI is the way to go. What's the worst th... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-10-15, 13:22:37
We're getting somewhere. DnD Central Re: Drone Technology 2020-10-15, 13:01:05
For the record, previous presidential campaigns: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections The Awesomesauc... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-10-14, 19:22:44
I was buying milk and mozzarella, both with an expiration date at or after the 2020 US presidential election (counting and qu... DnD Central The Awesomesauce of t... 2020-10-14, 18:49:43

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