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@Frenzie Thank you once again for snooping through this.  The problem I have now is that the bookmarklet opens a blank page f... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 10 release (... 2016-05-10, 21:26:58
@Frenzie That bookmarklet simply opens a window to GMail's inbox.  It doesn't open a "compose mail" window at all. Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 10 release (... 2016-05-10, 03:28:57
Thank you, Frenzie, for your feedback.   Unfortunately, that script does not seem to do the trick with either a custom button... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 10 release (... 2016-05-08, 01:45:35
Where does one get add-ons for Otter Browser?  I am looking for something that would allow me to send the current tab's URL l... Otter Browser Forum Re: Beta 10 release (... 2016-05-06, 01:36:27
Just wondering why the QtWebEngine version of Otter for Windows is not availabe via an .exe file?  I have the QtWebKit versio... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter Browser is ... 2016-03-24, 20:40:42
One day Otter Browser will no longer be a single-process browser?  Is that what is being said here?  Thank you. Otter Browser Forum Re: qtwebengine versi... 2016-03-20, 03:47:44
I just want to say how much Otter Browser has grown on me.  It's Shift-F2 turbo bookmarks, F12 menu, easy individual settings... Otter Browser Forum Re: How much its grow... 2016-03-19, 23:53:09
Yay!  Otter Browser Forum Re: Weekly #81 Availa... 2015-08-05, 04:06:17
I am just wondering if Weekly #81 is delayed or denied.  It is Wednesday here and I still see no sign of this build being ava... Otter Browser Forum Weekly #81 Availabili... 2015-07-22, 17:50:24
Otter opens a new tab by double-clicking tab-bar.  Vivaldi does not have this. Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter advantages ... 2015-06-14, 03:21:32

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