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Hi,ït seems the actual problem might be somwhere else, possibly in the content of the iframe itself.(?)iframes as tags seem t... Otter Browser Forum Re: problem with a we... 2020-03-31, 01:04:33
Quote from: Quetzal on 2019-05-31, 09:45:45hi, VBR... i use the otterbro dragonfly window... but it's not this one i do talk ... Otter Browser Forum Re: [Mega feature] Op... 2019-06-04, 12:03:14
Hi,there is an error console available in Ottervia the program menu: Toolbars: Error consolethe javascript console along with... Otter Browser Forum Re: [Mega feature] Op... 2019-05-28, 05:52:40
Hi,I was wondering, whether the current work on "identites" mentioned on the Otter page, might be something akin to the funct... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2019-04-04, 09:50:21
Hi,some time ago I also experienced these errors - cf. a (now closed) bug report Otter Browser Forum Re: ERROR 99 2019-03-19, 15:13:33
Hi,just to make sure, do You mean the setting:Setting: Preferences: [Search] Enable search suggestions? With this option enab... Otter Browser Forum Re: how activate auto... 2018-12-04, 22:56:04
Hi,there is a dedicated menu for registering "addons" - i.e. currently userscripts:Menu: Addonsor Tools: Addons   (in the ful... Otter Browser Forum Re: extension exemple ?? 2018-12-01, 21:49:35
Quote from: ersi on 2018-07-01, 16:35:31Doesn't this already work when you log in to an online account, then open the same we... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-07-01, 17:39:33
Hi,I'd appreciate such functionality too, it looks like, it comes close to a feature discussed some time ago (in a rather lon... Otter Browser Forum Re: Containers, please? 2018-06-29, 10:53:45
Hi, I can confirm the "not-responsiveness" of Otter on the mentioned map page - if the link is opened, the browser doesn't re... Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-02-07, 15:19:26

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