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I guess, I won't be using w10 either. But neither will I be using Linux!If I'll switch OS, I guess, I'll be switching to BSD.... Otter Browser Forum Re: This forum is fee... 2019-03-19, 06:47:15
Another annoyance I just got reminded of:If you accept cookies for a given domain, with every page (re-)load you get another ... Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-02-06, 12:11:34
Congrats and thanks for the (first) release!Of course I had to run a little test to check if it's "ditch opera 12" time yet.S... Otter Browser Forum Re: 1.0.01 (2019.01.01) 2019-02-01, 07:35:08
Well, I imported some 8k bookmarks from opera... :-)Thanks for the hint about new profile. I just tried it. No change. It's l... Otter Browser Forum Re: Bookmarks :-) - a... 2018-09-08, 07:21:59
Well, this year, as otter approaches it's 1.0 release I revamped my interest in it - also because o11 is degrading more and m... Otter Browser Forum Bookmarks :-) - and s... 2018-09-04, 09:21:01
Emdek, thank you very much for the reply and helpful information! Otter Browser Forum Re: Feature Requests 2015-04-01, 08:24:36
Hello.The browser gets better. Last time I checked it was beta 2 and I was pretty unimpressed. Now I took a look at the weekl... Otter Browser Forum Re: Feature Requests 2015-04-01, 07:07:21

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Bookmarks :-) - and s... Otter Browser Forum 2018-09-04, 09:21:01

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