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Simple updated to have a link to fullscreen version of the video and some other improvementsCode: [Select]// ==UserScript==//... Otter Browser Forum Re: [Userjs] Enable F... 2017-08-13, 09:49:12
Hi all,I have found a script that can disable html5 media player and enable again flash player on youtube to watching video a... Otter Browser Forum [Userjs] Enable Flash... 2017-08-10, 11:00:25
don't worry Emdek, thanks for the fix! Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly168] Searc... 2017-04-06, 18:57:13
closing tab or clicking on thumbnail in Start Page always open a new tab with searching results, if there is content on Searc... Otter Browser Forum [weekly168] Searching... 2017-03-26, 15:49:05
I will wait for the best implementation you can write! Thx! Otter Browser Forum Re: Custom menu: supp... 2017-03-08, 21:36:16
The weekly166 solves the problem  , even if the debug.log file report the following errorCode: [Select][0308/205817:WARNING:... Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly165 qtwebe... 2017-03-08, 20:26:32
this would be awesome, thx! Otter Browser Forum Re: Custom menu: supp... 2017-03-05, 17:00:01
Thanks again Emdek, here it is the extract I'm talking aboutCode: [Select]{ "type": "include", "includeIn": "standard", "acti... Otter Browser Forum Re: Custom menu: supp... 2017-03-05, 15:15:43
Thanks Emdek, this is the content of debug.logCode: [Select][0305/] Invalid file descriptor to I... Otter Browser Forum Re: [weekly165 qtwebe... 2017-03-05, 15:07:58
In my opera12 I have the context menu of document window customized with the first and last items in the list with the close-... Otter Browser Forum Custom menu: support ... 2017-03-02, 20:53:13

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