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Many thanks @szyk  ! Your code makes my Otter more beautiful with better usabilitiy  Otter Browser Forum Re: open in one anoth... 2018-09-09, 05:37:03
Thanks for your effort (specially for the QtWebEngine version)!  Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 12 relea... 2018-09-09, 05:30:00
@Emdek thanks to you for this web browser! I confrim that QtWebEngine version not suffer this issue, and this issue is not re... Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-03-19, 19:48:31
@Emdek disablingJS solve, but the issue return when I reenable it. I've notice that the problem exits only at the first loadi... Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-03-15, 19:50:48
I can confirm that the issue is still here on otter-browser-win32-0.9.96-rc6.I've tested the old otter-browser-win32-weekly17... Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-03-12, 20:02:17
Hi all, confirmed here too on win10 otter-browser-win32-0.9.95-rc5. Same issue running on test-qtwebkit.exe. Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-02-07, 19:42:18
Quote from: Borut on 2017-12-03, 19:03:41Could perhaps someone under Win try the above mentioned page, just to try to confirm... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 3 releas... 2017-12-05, 19:17:51
The Page Information panel is awesome!  There is hope to have "Links" panel as in Opera12 in near future?BTW, Many thanks fo... Otter Browser Forum Re: (Pre) RC 3 releas... 2017-12-03, 09:39:18
Simple updated to have a link to fullscreen version of the video and some other improvementsCode: [Select]// ==UserScript==//... Otter Browser Forum Re: [Userjs] Enable F... 2017-08-13, 09:49:12
Hi all,I have found a script that can disable html5 media player and enable again flash player on youtube to watching video a... Otter Browser Forum [Userjs] Enable Flash... 2017-08-10, 11:00:25

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