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Well, it's a German IP of a German ISP.AFAIK Germany is still part of the EU. I'm not aware of a silent Dexit. As for the Bal... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2018-05-30, 19:30:37
Quote from: Mr. Tennessee on 2018-05-29, 14:57:21Just turned 81. DnD Central Re: Age 2018-05-30, 16:34:42
Quote from: ersi on 2018-05-28, 14:10:10I flatly refuse all cookies, unless I need to log in. Now my work has become impossib... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2018-05-30, 16:27:39
Quote from: jax on 2018-05-09, 06:24:37There could be an "improved" and renamed Gold-Plated Trump-Is-Such-A-Master-Negotiator... DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2018-05-09, 08:12:50
DnD Central Re: Books I would lik... 2018-02-20, 17:06:54
Schools with armed teachers, what a great idea! US schools might become the most secure worldwide.I'm confident that the NRA ... DnD Central Re: Gun Control - Sho... 2018-02-17, 09:51:47
@taxista4plazasYou can read some opinions regarding Catalonia by going through page number 38 -> 41 starting from here.As for... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2018-01-27, 10:18:06
Quote from: Barulheira on 2018-01-23, 11:09:24how much of the doctrine was influenced by (or has influenced) the way how the ... DnD Central Re: Books I would lik... 2018-01-24, 10:01:41
Quote from: Frenzie on 2018-01-20, 16:07:52Vimeo is also auto-embedded if you use the regular link. This was the original so... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2018-01-20, 19:44:52
Quote from: ersi on 2018-01-20, 15:28:40Obviously I meant the same integrity and intelligence as you did.Nope!I didn't refer ... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2018-01-20, 18:32:24

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