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King William 3rd of Orange
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Glasgow (centre of the Universe)
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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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Moderator edit. <You were told to keep it off the forum> Merry Christmas DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-27, 01:21:11
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Exercising my natural modesty ersi.  DnD Central Re: Invasions East an... 2020-11-24, 01:14:29
We will never agree and I will add this Luxor.You get very quickly into being nippy and on some things like the UK subsidisin... DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-23, 02:06:55
Yes you are right there Oakdale. For folk wanting a loan they can have that without ny further payment into their account jus... DnD Central Re: Credit union wast... 2020-11-23, 01:52:00
Well they are being being shared because my healthy contribution is giving me no damn income at all while they borrowers get ... DnD Central Re: Credit union wast... 2020-11-22, 01:27:33
Very often the guff you wax about Luxor is a rather head shaking nonsense of an answer because dear readers he totally ignore... DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-22, 01:22:34
It is easy ersi to fool Americans and their wonky system illustrates that well. DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2020-11-21, 01:21:23
What ridiculous nonsense from Luxor who is intelligent? Regarding tax he is being very strange.  Things are dearer up here an... DnD Central Re: Another groaning ... 2020-11-21, 01:19:02
Only to a degree as you should know! If it was not for many people like me putting in reasonable regular sums then borrowers ... DnD Central Re: Credit union wast... 2020-11-20, 22:31:48

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