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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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Dear readers it is obvious to grey cell users that Luxor is trying to give the impression of being satirical and like many in... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-12-15, 18:27:50
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Before I depart from this thread I do have to say the system well kind of stinks. That the culprit if he did not follow the o... DnD Central Re: And another regul... 2017-12-14, 12:42:06
Well in a free country there is always the situation that the small mind will commandeer snobbishness, limited sense and daft... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-12-13, 18:15:45
If ever space invaders come I hope they arrive in Tel Aviv.......... DnD Central Re: Today's Bad News 2017-12-13, 08:50:37
Conceited excuse...conceited excuse. DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-12-13, 08:49:14
It was firstly on the BBC text news which only lasts that day it on the list so gone. The it appeared just as a passing news ... DnD Central Re: And another regul... 2017-12-13, 08:48:18
Oh you are doing well keeping up your would-be liberal minded nonsense. You don't really deal with a point where you are not ... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-12-12, 18:31:04
Look pompous  you are never able to deal with things face on and go into a pompous and snooty attitude instead. I will give y... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2017-12-12, 14:46:52
SmileyFaze,Yes it was a trial and a jury but that makes no principled excuse whatsoever when the evidence was as glaring as c... DnD Central Re: And another regul... 2017-12-12, 14:41:54

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