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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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I have two hats and a bowler for certain occasions. As for beards I do not need those damn things to show I am about! DnD Central Re: Hats, ties vanish... 2020-04-02, 01:50:49
Yeah Europe needs help and glad my country if getting out! DnD Central Re: Grammatical Mutte... 2020-03-31, 23:38:42
On good news a woman I know told me I was exceptional. Nice when a sensible woman knows the obvious. DnD Central Re: Today's Good News 2020-03-31, 23:36:34
My only dashed sigh of relief on all this daft beard nonsense is that I glad women don't have them when I give them a kiss...... DnD Central Re: Hats, ties vanish... 2020-03-30, 23:36:27
On a lower dashed note my barber is normally shut on a Monday but when the government came out with the mass shutung stuff to... DnD Central Re: British doctor di... 2020-03-30, 23:34:33
Folk over in America are basically stuck or controlled really by two corporate controlled parties and not much routine practi... DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce ... 2020-03-29, 22:48:19
One of the side issues of this matter is the media going on and on. Both half hour or hour news gets taken over and we get ve... DnD Central Re: British doctor di... 2020-03-29, 22:46:28
Not just a passing intellectual attempt  regarding the start as it WAS in China! DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2020-03-25, 01:26:46
Even for an educated American you border on rubbish Colonel starting with the daftness on Stalin who was an evil and despicab... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2020-03-25, 01:24:55
Here in the West we have been controlled by anti-Russian attitudes by politicians and media corners. Led by America (a farce ... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2020-03-23, 01:56:01

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