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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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Watched the leader of Turkey being aggressive and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and leaders from Lebanon. Iran and others ge... DnD Central Islamist head shaking... 2020-10-30, 23:49:34
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The Scottish government minister who pushes it has been altering a bit as so much concern and annoyance at what is a real ann... DnD Central Re: Scot Govt: ‘Hate ... 2020-10-30, 23:36:17
Well I acknowledge what you said Luxor and hope you are right! DnD Central Re: Ridiculous. Scott... 2020-10-30, 23:32:43
I just felt Oakdale after repeatedly looking at CNN it is not broad and impartial and might as well be labelled Democrat. One... DnD Central Re: Is the American N... 2020-10-30, 00:40:01
OakdaleFTL what the goodness is that thing you have added to do with my them?! But seeing you need to be informed that attemp... DnD Central Re: Ridiculous. Scott... 2020-10-30, 00:35:08
And ersi here is the latest RC stuff.A new African American cardinal and the first in that country when Archbishop of Atlamta... DnD Central Re: The Pope is now b... 2020-10-30, 00:30:04
The government in Scotland  has withdrawn justice against miners from way back in the 1980's. A time of great confrontation a... DnD Central Ridiculous. Scottish ... 2020-10-29, 00:33:58
Well I think I need to also inform you ersi that this news IS LATEST listed in Britain!! DnD Central Re: The Pope is now b... 2020-10-28, 22:03:34
Sometimes here in the UK I will occasionally go through the Freeview channel list we have and there is something that I am se... DnD Central Is the American NCC C... 2020-10-28, 01:29:40

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