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The letters SNP are a routinely simple thing.........
Nah that is your rather dance away Luxor. She is a bossy boots and although I can used to wee folk getting keen to be seen I have illustrated in my own relations situation how stupid the action is. Keep away from your relations but can take them for a meal. Brilliant, haha. Can slag me off to get comfort by in practicality you are being nonsensical. Doing a dance rather than the practicality is a routine nationalism. Shame you have not realised this.  :rolleyes:
Wow a Yank who can work things out simply, haha!  :up:
And apparently she is indicating would prefer to be even more dictatorial. Glad she hs high heels so we can see her!
Oh I am happy about being easy pleased but on a wider scales than you are trying to illustrate! Heehee.
During all this virus stuff we are getting stuck with encouraging going on runs or going cycling during the starting locked down months became a big promotion. However cyclists have become a damnably nuisance where they should not be and that is on pavements. They zoom about on regular pavements everywhere in my city and in the city centre just as bad including main streets that are pedestrian only. On a couple of occasions when I have been frustrated and passingly complained got sworn at. Added bother is even elsewhere in quiet neighbourhoods with quiet roads they don't bother with roads and bump up onto the pavement.

Utterly ridiculous and I am talking about "mature" people not just kinds.
A really disgusting nd horrible matter that is sadly very routine over the pond. Even allowing for decent ones in genera America has had a very long and wide terrible police service. In past times not so well known a fact of life until modern times and mobile phone cameras and other such advantages. Wee bit of a time ago mentioned a retired police captain with long service from Philadelphia I noted speaking on television. He openly stated that the country has a deep weakness in the poor standard and belligerence of far to many police and should not be in the job.
What is extra hilarious is that bright spark that was going to bring in tighter laws on opinions has had to back down (slightly) as there were thousands of objections. Along with that were high police concerns and senior legal people. Sooking in with the wonky Greens a passing groan!  :lol:
You're getting confused Oakdale! I make allowances for the hard truth that the way the US is routinely run is a mess and I am fortunate to be in a place where the corporates do not run the place. If that Biden bloke wins the trouble will not go away. Ease up laddie and sip a soft drink for a change!!  8)  :drunk:

ps I am not a lefty.  :happy:
DnD Central / Scottish fuehrer a groan!
Have stated don't listen to Sturgeon when on television but today it was announced her newest control re the virus.

Now on Tuesday she stated that as from Wednesday (!) people not allowed to visit family elsewhere. That was very annoying at short notice as had planned two trains to visit my niece and children. So now after shaking my head at such tight notice I will instead travel up by train and on Saturday arrange them all to be with their uncle - mother and children in a nice village restaurant.  :up:
Seems when I was quick to notice it in a newspaper that he was a councillor down in wide Dumfries area. Felt the party was getting too lefty and has moved to the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party!  :lol:
Dear oh dear, what a laugh with that coming from ensbb3.

The USA has for modern decades interfered with other country political things if do not agree with the USA. It has a long history of warfare and spends more than anyone else on it whilst legions suffer starvation over the pond. The country spends more on military than anyone else and half the global bill an did this former Vice-President do much to see on a change? Nah.

The Democrats candidate is a groan and giving the impression more broader based and positive. Mind you they and Biden have legally done little to alter things inside the USofA when in power and seems that it is easy to brain Americans at each election!
Of course Ireland has a place in the EU but the so-called Good Friday Agreement is nothing to do do with EU no matter taht the Irish Republic is in that corner. Would add that southern Ireland for decades was incapable of getting progress and the EU a financial boost so an improvement for them what goes on in Ulster is a British matter. Must admit i was not that taken on with the Good Friday agreement as it was not a traditional direction in Britain and that then Labour PM conjured up a a semi-democratic would be system in the North where having a majority means sod all!

As for the US of A it has a long, long history of interfering in other countries and unfortunately been slightly pompous in that matter.  As I have pointed out there is a long Irish tradition in the country and Biden is using that even though that corner has had some dodgy attitudes on Ulster and there has over the years been some unfortunate leanings. I also find it a sigh when listening to Biden and his would-be stances on positives. Negatives in America have existed in the Democrats as well as Republicans and the numbers of suffering people and social problems exist under them too!
Don't you dare compare our British political system with over the dashed pond. Wha tI said is directly obvious to those using their brain - like Oakdale Don't confuse your grey cells jax as things are obvious to clear minds. The idiocy of how that former VP is acting as obvious as the sun. He isn't the automatic greatest and it is many of his general side wrecking and causing millions of damage, etc.
I see with some very great annoyance that Biden is sticking his nose into British politics and matters on Ireland north and south. His main thrust on our departure from the EU and what is happening regarding across the Irish Sea and especially Ulster he is interfering in. Indeed he is threatening that if he wins as President he will stop the projected idea of business matters betwixt the UK and the USA.  Now America has a long history of interfering in places but that this is being created between us is disgusting, arrogant and ridiculous.

Mind you if we are being honest there is a side issue here that some will not click on and that is America has a large part of the population who are from the Irish tradition and he is trying to use that in his arrogance. There will be those who might act surprised at my statement but the tradition is a fact of life and doesn't take much to fathom that nonsense out.
OI don't mind OakdaleFTL's comment re me as I make allowances for where he lives!
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
I am glad I still live in a democracy and feel sorry for armies of unfortunates in the ex-colonies stuck with what they have. Conned as much as the 3rd Reich and USSR unfortunates! :lol:
A passing comment regarding that poison in that it was a passing reference by the newsman and a reporter that was not accurate giving the impression that the Russian politician terrible injured is NOT a high leader in Russia. neither should he newsreader  have made that un-professional smart alec comment. My main stance is that  - and made it clear was that broadcasting in GB decades ago was a new and slowly growing radio thing. As the country advanced so too did the television process. With a wider tv matter why is it still required the State must be there doing it and costing so damn much.
Many decades ago one could understandable. In due time widening into commercial channels all those years ago was part of widening thins in Gt Britain. Today it is a massively expensive running things widening into so much more and all paid by the damn taxpayers! So taxpayers pay for that big too expensive system in modern times. Although we have ITV news and Sky News there is some talking going on about why not a brand new news channel!

The propaganda we get is the small amount paid monthly by every taxpayer but I don't think these days we should have to all pay for a State radio and tv thing which is ridiculous. On Monday the regular newsman on the BBC News channel was reporting on that Russian man who was poisoned and he was leaning outwith what he should have been and when his reporter said the man was going back to Russia he said he wouldn't be doing that! Mention was also made of the attacked man as if he was a massive politician in Russia which is not true and never make President at all.

I will also make a passing comment again of what I once commented on over the subject of pensioners over 75 having their BBC stopped then it brought back this year! The organisation is a massive thing that should no longer be a State thing and reduced in size at least or preferably note created in a different society and overdue for going.
Oakdale I do not watch that programme too run of the mill stuff. But at least there were people responding who were not brain dead folk and the courage to express their right of opinion on an iffy item.  :irked:
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
Maybe when you get to leaving school things will be better for you!
Glad I did not watch that rubbishy tv programme but that so many screen viewers got so angry and sent all those complaints brilliant! :up:
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
I have given four women in my life the great value (as it of course!). Heavens even had one I was going with and she had a female  friend wished it was her with me  :D  :blush:
I was glad that so many watxhers snipped at that BLM nonsense in the show. Utter nonsense that was put on. Nice to know there are others who are brave enough apart from me on BLM nonsense.
DnD Central / Re: NATO nonsense
You are skipping things Oakdale!

Does not matter a hoot which of the big two commercial parties in power tens of millions of poor and so on - doesn't change a dashed bit but massive amounts on military and considering half the world military expense is the USA tut, tut.