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DnD Central / Re: Edward Snowden
And she has got on well with Putin. She is also a very clever cookie by all accounts. I would phone here but I don't want what we chat aobut to be broadcast everywhere.....
DnD Central / Re: Conspiracy Theories
Nice flag but it doesn't belong to Salmond although he thinks it does.! I march behind it and the Union Flag every year on parade. If the clown wants to take my Union Flag off me I will give him it but he would be in a lot of pain and have to lie down sideways.

As for Florida and the Keys I have a copy of the railway on my simulator collection and it includes the old rail line that used to run down there and fascinating. They may think they are independent but they aren't. Not until their own flag superceeds you know what and they have their own currency. Monopoly money doesn't count!
DnD Central / Re: Genius
What a helpful soul she is.
Not sure why St Patrick's Day should be any more special than St Andrew's, St George's or whoever. Somehow it gets elevated to the mountain top. The whole tragedy has become a turn-off for me. The mews media constantly repeating the same stuff with different words to make it look like "news." The expert legion and even those special programmes on television that can tell no more than the elongated news items.
I was thinking back to Detroit in reviewing this thread and many moons ago I realised that jimbro who had lived for some time in the city and had been brought up there had sad reflections of what had become of it.  When I met the party of men from Detroit about 4 years ago here in Glasgow for a parade I knew right away they were from a better part of the city by the way they acted,etc.

I think for someone brought up in a place when it did well and everything seemed bright and hopeful to see it not just wither but die in vast parts it must be quite a disappointment. So it must be soul destroying and numbing to see how your boyhood has now become so much wasteland and collapse. As I said at the time it was, well, sad. Still think that.  We haven't had a city going like that so hard to imagine the change and decay.  :(
Well at least I would have the energy to try to tackle the climb which is more than can be said for your goodself. And secondly, make it well away from your side of the pond! The thought of you trying this with a chair to carry would be a no, no.
DnD Central / Re: Is WWIII A Possibility?
Oh it is your pal from Michigan that has such. You just absorb what convenient propaganda states. As for when it is well over 20 years now and just think of all the mayhem caused in the world by you know who in the West. I dare say the Dandy and Beano were a help to you as you grew up?
DnD Central / Re: Conspiracy Theories
And more proof you need exercise. You spend too much time on the computer looking for suitable stuff and pictures. You would do yourself a loit more practical good by getting out like someone here with a new pair of hiking books. You are becoming too home insular. Kind of amusing what comes from an ex-teacher in a land full of laguage messing.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Don't know why he called him "the Holy Father" as that is something for RC's and not for non-followers.
That's as much use to common sense when dithering.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
You really are so gullible Sanguinemoon. You just absorb propaganda and Goebbells would have loved you and others in similar mode. Because you cannot prove there was any invasion you have to fall back on the invasion prospects tripe.  It is bad enough that the ex-colonist media is so terribly bias without this additional nonsense. Your pal nation across the pond is the one with the unbeatable record of invading.  It is the West who has helped create the Ukrainian mess and it will now only get worse as you all just simply ignore what is in your faces. On top of that the impending frugal existence Ukrainians are going to have with IMF money conditions.

The utter farce of the West rushing to support a minority in Kiev overtyhrow an elected government is unimportant but when an elected one (Crimea) does something all hell breaks loose. Some in Europe have come to realise that the Nazi lot have been released into the wider field. Germany is also still a bit concerned about sanctions which are not going to go anywhere.
Well jimbro would be better being drowned than having to live in the ex-colonies the way it's run.  8)
DnD Central / Re: Conspiracy Theories
I have do so on Forums time after time but being corporate dumbed it is not sinking in very well. However I always rely on hope by the time you are 70 it will click. Once you get by the long history of global control useless political system the strings pulled by WallStreet and still into arms and killing it will maybe sink in. Would just love to see a State trying to seceed over ther because all hell would break loose.  No other place can beat you lot for the violence, control and corruption spread over the world. Try and form a Commonwealth out of all those you control and fund. You need only to use one hand.
Isn't it something that they hate the West and all that it stands for yet flood here and Europe. They also use mobile phones, radios, television, planes, computers to help their global murderous leanings.
But I can do devilish jimbro. If really wealthy I would buy Edinburgh and ship it over to the ex-colonies so pick a suitable State. I do expect Michigan to be immune it has enough probs.
DnD Central / Re: Headaches
Must have been hard to select that lot as there are so many agencies in a country so "feart" of everyone. Now that took some doing so well done you.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
You contradict yourself there although obviously cannot see that. Waffling about thinking we started it then thinking something else but still using the slag off comment.
Yeah I do get a smile Confederate youngster and know well what you are up to. As for those here who are detached jimbro they would do well across the pond but be kind of down the queue in a land of nut jobs.
DnD Central / Re: Is WWIII A Possibility?
You really are talking silly there Sanguinemoon. All that Putin has done in the past?? What "all." It has utterly no comparison with what the USA has been doing for decades and no similarity whatsoever. It is a Cold War fanatical nonsense going on by the media being fed lies by politicians.

Meanwhile to the mania jimbro has about Russia bashing (imagine such stuff coming from a land that almost exists for bashing others). President Putin is NOT a Communist so why a crown with a daft Bolshie symbol. Heavens you cannot even get satire right in your fanaticism. I noted that the US ambassador to the UN has publicly sated that many of the countries (espeically small ones) that voted against Russia were leaned  on in private. But there again being funded by the US it tells a story.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
In your mania about Putin/Russia the fact that Russia never had an intention of invading wasgenerally  ignored. Politicians and the corporate media have a lot to blame along with the stupidity and possibly deliberate stuff coming from Kiev.
DnD Central / Re: A US tragedy and so sad
On two occasions in my deep community side I managed to stop two young men at different periods from suicide. A third was on the way to see me when he for some unknown reason went back and took his own life. All in their early twenties and particularly hard on their families. I also conducted two funerals of the three. The mind can be a great question mark sometimes but it is the family that is left in the lengthy dark.
Three out of three for trying that one boy.
DnD Central / Re: Headaches
And also watching are the many equivalents nearer home. Check your phone too!
DnD Central / Re: Is WWIII A Possibility?
Oh I do not deny I have an anti-America bias (individuals are different!) but you need to get out of your own seething Russian bias. Unfortunately as a nation and what it continually does in the world causes so much problems contradicting what is supposed to stand for.always open for a swipe! As it happens I lead a very active life and don't sit at a keyboard as much as your goodself. So not being a cumfy chair fanatic I have nothing to be concerned about and I walk miles into the bargain. So bring the past back to life and do a dumpling.Make one and I will leave Yank land alone - for a week.......
Desperation, desperation. All that coming from a country that showered South Vietnam with Agent Orange and generations ever since there are born with defects, Even families of US servicemen who served have had the same problem. You messed that war up because you thought you were so high and mighty and sweep everything before you. The Soth Koreand and Austr and Australian Army were both the tops at pacification programmes whilst your oot made a hash of them.At least the VC was wary of those two but not you bunch!It eventually effected moral, discipline and all those in uniform doped out of their heads. We live in a more sophisticated age yet America has waged more wars than anyone. There is hardly a country in South America where you didn't fund a coup and indirectly support mass murder. Hundreds of military posts over the planet with the excuse you are looking after US interest and security. Heavens above! Sovereignty is just a glib word from you lot. When are you going to move your torture camp out of Cuba and respect it's borders? Men still there imprisoned without trial for 12 years?! Justice, rights and human dignity there? You fly in the face os those words all the time.

Now your President is in Saudi Arabia smiling and chortling with th despot there. No rights, freedoms, etc and the country flies in the face of those words you so proudly boast of.  Saudi is in the top 10 military purchasers from where do I ask?! Fifty years ago the US couldn't have cared a damn about Saudi Arabia but how oil and making money is more important. You bleat about standing for freedom and all that stuff but shut a blind eye when making a dollar is the aim. You have no moral case so drift back into history of a past time as a sidestep from the danger you have created everywhere. And if so keen on hsitory just look inside the 'kand of the free and home of the brave' (yawn). What a history of ethnic cleansing racial abuse, denying rights, nit-picking that constitution thing when it suited and so on. Stand back boy and think before you waffle o. The Commonwealth is still here but you can only keep friends by bribing them or putting in despots you can control and in with the corprates to make cash.

Do feel free to grow up in your own time of course. Hypocrisy is an alternative word for modern and past America.