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"Quit you like men:be strong"

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On the media and particularly television we are going daft on the presence of women. Majority of the main news readers becomi... DnD Central Women being portrayed... 2020-02-17, 23:54:19
Well feel free to buzz off as you do not answer what everyone in Scotland knows and is intimated re the media. My accusations... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-17, 23:50:11
You are a dreamer and unable to answer direct challenges on your Scottsah Nationalism it's failings along with public negativ... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-16, 22:50:15
You mean I hurt you?! How honest an admittance and a change to give an answer even though means sod all. DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-16, 02:22:22
Had thought of Twitter Colonel Rebel  but never been on it .Meanwhile clown Luxor with that stupid comment as he cannot answe... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-15, 01:07:47
Interesting routine rubbish from you contributors here and what a waste of time with you folk. I list failings of the corner ... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-14, 01:33:23
Not a dying breed and your short brained bias is obvious on my fraternal corn is immature nationalist immaturity. You studiou... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-13, 00:36:07
Readers it does not take much to ascertain that this immature and childish attitude is not a proper adult answering. Any rout... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-12, 00:37:00
They would not form a government of their own in the south but in a coalition although the two main parties have never been o... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-11, 01:43:09
That was excessively kind of you Luxor making that unfortunate corner you have.Unable to answer a list of publicly discussed ... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2020-02-10, 21:49:28

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