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Quote from: jax on 2021-02-23, 14:50:55But ultimately it's not up to him, but the member countries, particularly France and G... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-02-23, 18:48:41
Yes, that's more or less correct. I know because I'm an even less poor Moor speaking proper Portuguese with V sound. DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-02-14, 12:18:35
Why did you start counting at around 3.000BC? the real scale in my opinion would be around 40.000 years ago, with Homo Sapien... DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-02-14, 11:58:09
What is that?? A beer factory World's oldest known beer factory may have been unearthed in Egypt DnD Central Re: What's Going on i... 2021-02-14, 09:13:49
So... the United Emirates beated China and USA and their space probe arrived first to Mars.Welldone. Yes, I know it is not a ... DnD Central Re: Money dumped in v... 2021-02-11, 12:22:44
Quote from: jax on 2021-02-11, 06:42:06"Everyone gets, but I am first in line,Why I don't get surprised with Israel and GB to... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2021-02-11, 12:07:52
Berlin, Warsow and Stockholm announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats as retaliation . That's better. DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2021-02-10, 06:48:34
I wonder what Germany, Poland and Swede are waiting for deporting Russian Ambassadors as a reciprocity measure. This is in th... DnD Central Re: The comings and g... 2021-02-08, 12:56:40
Quote from: ersi on 2021-02-02, 05:28:29Sweden: Churchbells ringing at night due to technical failureIt's a miracle ersi, it'... DnD Central Re: What's going on i... 2021-02-02, 07:15:31
Quote from: OakdaleFTL on 2020-11-15, 01:18:52So ends the paper submitted to NASA's Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decada... DnD Central Re: The Precautionary... 2021-02-02, 07:10:43

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