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Very Cool - thanks !!That worked 100% - just watched several videos just fine.One thing that is WAAAAY cool about Otter is th... Otter Browser Forum Re: A bit of guidance... 2018-05-10, 23:52:25
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Thanks Very Much Ersi !!:Quote from: ersi on 2015-06-04, 20:09:33Xubuntu. Or any distro that features Xfce DE. It so happens ... Browsers & Technology Re: The Journey from ... 2015-06-04, 21:37:55
Hello Folks.As I've seen others post here=> I totally agree that win2kpro was the best OS that gang in Redmond ever put out.I... Browsers & Technology The Journey from wxx ... 2015-06-04, 19:36:00
Lovely to see such wise folks as yourself here !!:Quote from: Frenzie on 2015-04-19, 19:44:45I've always considered two parti... Browsers & Technology Re: Windows Frustrati... 2015-06-04, 16:46:30
BRAVO !!:Quote from: ersi on 2014-08-11, 12:25:192000 was the best of them all, but it's long since gone. XP is being forcefu... Browsers & Technology could it be - really ... 2015-06-04, 16:34:33
OK - this post started me from happy lurker to poster, and I must say=>Wiser words have not been spoken !!:Quote from: Belfra... Browsers & Technology Re: Windows Frustrati... 2015-06-04, 16:28:01
I'm guessing that I can say hello here then - and hopefully if it is a huge booboo then a helpful sort will move it someplace... DnD Central What ?? No introducti... 2015-06-04, 16:23:35

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