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I love short remarks.
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Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
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2013-11-20, 13:26:38
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That flaw is well known. When I update my system, I need to first deinstall my custom app, and build it again afterwards. The... Browsers & Technology Re: General Unix/Linu... 2020-09-21, 15:38:50
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Such as with many other conflicts, much of the mess is caused by lack of clarity of the meaning of things. A very well define... DnD Central Re: Maybe there shoul... 2020-08-05, 11:59:51
Queen Elizabeth II will be there to comfort his relatives. DnD Central Re: The Awesomesauce... 2020-07-31, 17:54:03
They should blacklist "blackslist". DnD Central Blacklist 2020-07-14, 13:37:55
My, oh my!Around here, people use to type KKK meaning "I'm laughing out loud!". Hardly anyone remembers KKK "up there".Slaver... DnD Central Forbidden terminology 2020-07-06, 19:46:44
A banner saying "Everyone's lives matter" would be more appropriate. DnD Central Re: Challengin plane ... 2020-06-24, 15:37:59
You could try out FreeBSD with FuryBSD. I'm going to do the same the next days. Browsers & Technology Re: General Unix/Linu... 2020-05-24, 16:23:35
Trees and coronaviruses seem inversely related on the map. It must mean something. Browsers & Technology Re: Qwant search engine 2020-04-15, 17:44:45

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