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I love short remarks.
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Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil
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2013-11-20, 13:26:38
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In Portuguese, "they" has always been used as an indeterminate subject. It's OK to say "they stole my car" when I don't know ... DnD Central Indeterminate subject 2019-09-25, 01:02:58
Well, he is the chosen one (by your fellows). And there's nothing wrong at looking to the sky. I do it every day. It isn't ra... DnD Central The chosen one 2019-08-23, 20:37:06
Because they don't trust anybody. That's why. Browsers & Technology In God we trust 2019-08-23, 20:33:00
Markdown is an example of something that is far from perfect, but good enough to be successful. Browsers & Technology Re: Minimal Apps 2019-05-08, 11:51:12
Quote from: ersi on 2019-04-13, 16:03:19Quote from: UK is ... DnD Central Schedules?! 2019-04-13, 21:43:10
Yes. Strictly speaking, a black hole is black but is not a hole.  DnD Central No holes 2019-04-12, 11:16:08
Strictly speaking, by definition, no hole can be photographed; just the stuff around it can. DnD Central Holes 2019-04-11, 14:56:20
There is a Java ME Facebook installed on my Nokia feature phone.(I don't have a FB account... I just installed it by curiosit... DnD Central Java ME Facebook 2019-01-11, 00:11:09
We should replace our jails by Volvos. DnD Central Volvo! 2019-01-07, 10:28:39
From now on, the criminals shall rest in peace. DnD Central Involuntary servitude 2018-11-08, 15:45:11

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