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I managed to negotiate with one of the gentoo maintainers to also make a 32 bit version available in their repos. Otter Browser Forum Re: It comes on the G... 2017-09-27, 11:43:07
Hello, to any of us who are brave enough to install this beast(both in a good and bad sense) of a Linux distribution... Anywa... Otter Browser Forum It comes on the Gento... 2017-08-02, 19:13:38
First I must say that this latest appimage, '12.1' is fantastic. My only issue is with youtube ofc. It sends audio to my spea... Otter Browser Forum Gstreamer dependencies? 2017-02-16, 21:08:28
I can't find the debian binaries for the latest releases anymore... So wat's the best way to install otter on Linux now? Otter Browser Forum Debian packages? 2016-10-10, 21:24:02
Aha. Since you are working on that, perhaps you could add a postinst script to the debian packages which would add the ppas a... Otter Browser Forum Re: Snap packeges ins... 2016-07-28, 08:30:32
Any update on this? Otter Browser Forum Re: Snap packeges ins... 2016-07-08, 08:17:34
There is some packkaging troublee ATM with Debian testing in that some packages are stuck in unstable. That is not a problem ... Otter Browser Forum How to install otter ... 2016-07-07, 20:46:58
Honestly no.The document was not properly commented so I am lost as well. I suggest you just put font-size:x into elemnts and... Otter Browser Forum Re: Blueotter css the... 2016-06-02, 12:31:33
Maybe one day but not now. Otter keeps a pretty good ppa anyways. Let's not overburden the authors. Otter Browser Forum Re: Snap packeges ins... 2016-05-31, 16:26:21
I am happy that the Otter teams work is getting recognised.However the problem with Otter and RAM comes from the fact that ~5... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter Browser is ... 2016-03-27, 15:05:55

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