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Horse named Clancey. Turtle named Booger. The Lounge Re: Random horse 2020-01-06, 16:26:19
Necroposting makes me sad sometimes. Half a year ago is over 5yrs after the late mjm's post. DnD Central Re: What happened to ... 2020-01-06, 16:22:23
Going on a podcast I listen to and some half read follow up I did...Online audio sources compress the audio (seemingly most d... The Lounge Re: What music are yo... 2019-12-15, 00:26:59
That is metal as f... DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2019-12-11, 21:02:09
Quote from: Belfrager on 2019-12-03, 15:50:33Anyway, they are fine animals, very American style.  Thank you. Although if memo... The Lounge Re: Random horse 2019-12-06, 00:33:26
I believe that just means it is CD quality. Cloud services like to cut some range to save space. Arguably out of earbuds or s... The Lounge Re: What music are yo... 2019-11-26, 05:15:43
So catching up... After Bosley there's Daisy:And Dixie (sleeping?):Next there's Jax, the OP's namesake ( @jax ):And a year la... The Lounge Re: Random horse 2019-11-26, 03:39:30
Is he a super hero? Reminds me, I've got some catching up to do here... See if I can remember my imgur login. The Lounge Re: Random horse 2019-11-25, 02:23:49
I've got some experience with vetting tenants for leases and such. While I've never required the login, there's a lot that ca... DnD Central Re: Today's Bad News 2019-11-15, 21:31:19
Mongolia doesn't take shit from anybody. DnD Central Re: God Save the Gove... 2019-11-15, 21:22:48

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