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I don't keep updated as often these days. Quote from: rjhowie on 2018-08-12, 16:18:41However also said would be here until Sa... DnD Central Re: My second attempt 2018-08-16, 05:13:10
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Best wishes. DnD Central Re: My second attempt 2018-08-13, 01:09:37
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Go soccer! Woot! DnD Central Re: FIFA World Cups 2018-07-02, 23:27:33 The Lounge Re: What music are yo... 2018-06-10, 16:18:33
Is this a good time to discuss what outrage marketing is? Or am I running the risk of appearing to care about this?QuoteWe li... DnD Central Re: Head shaking nons... 2018-06-07, 12:40:11
Well, now I know what that is. DnD Central Re: Head shaking nons... 2018-06-06, 22:31:15
Not everyone agrees that a "Shakespearean theatre" is the best way to spend money in the community.(goddamn it's a slow day w... DnD Central Re: Utter rubbish on ... 2018-06-06, 22:30:34

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