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Quote from: rjhowie on 2020-09-21, 13:04:11As for the US of A it has a long, long history of interfering in other countries a... DnD Central Re: President electio... 2020-09-22, 12:41:11
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You'd be a big hit on reddit. DnD Central Re: Is there an inter... 2020-08-21, 02:19:11
Perpetually stuck on second base. DnD Central Re: Women dominating ... 2020-08-18, 22:45:48
Quote from: rjhowie on 2020-08-15, 19:35:13Incapable of dealing with what is factual HERE in Gt BritainLol. DnD Central Re: Women dominating ... 2020-08-16, 01:35:55
oh, I see what you meant now. DnD Central Re: Is there an inter... 2020-08-16, 01:34:16
TV pacing is a groan for me. Content wrote to fill space not utilize it efficiently. DnD Central Re: Wish Sturgeon wou... 2020-08-15, 23:36:17
The winter solstice otherwise known as Christmas? This forum has a birthday that may qualify for whatever you're suggesting. ... DnD Central Re: Is there an inter... 2020-08-15, 23:32:01
I doubt anyone here thinks you have much use for women. No need to remind us constantly. DnD Central Re: Women dominating ... 2020-08-15, 06:57:30
Because if you didn't show respect you disappear? The author's father could of been mistaken or at least had an embellishing ... DnD Central Re: Race does have a ... 2020-07-19, 20:12:36

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