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Rj and Trump have a lot in common. Most of which fit into the symptoms of a narcissistic personality. DnD Central Re: Credit union wast... 2020-11-16, 21:25:30
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I hope Trump holds on to the bitter end. There's no reason to assume formalities change what we already know... And I'd love ... DnD Central Re: Everything Trump… 2020-11-15, 04:38:44
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Swarm of flying dicks, fml. DnD Central Re: Drone Technology 2020-10-18, 16:57:20
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You'd be a big hit on reddit. DnD Central Re: Is there an inter... 2020-08-21, 02:19:11
Perpetually stuck on second base. DnD Central Re: Women dominating ... 2020-08-18, 22:45:48

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