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win10 32, otter 195, win7 or late 32at any time,any page.Just submitted unsuccessful.--------Not to mention whether it is slo... Otter Browser Forum Re: [bug][195]"inspec... 2017-10-02, 05:29:59
win10,195.Is the development team available?The whole screen is red.50KB limit is too small...." (66 KB) Your file is too lar... Otter Browser Forum [bug][195]"inspect" c... 2017-10-02, 05:03:26
@Emdek Weekly 190 To reproduce.Not only the existence of this problem.I set up http and https  , same port.Will become " all ... Otter Browser Forum Re: [bug]Proxy : http... 2017-08-28, 08:21:59
Proxy server went go  common servers and ports;tools-->config-->advance-->proxy--> https doesnot work.otter can not choose la... Otter Browser Forum [bug]Proxy : https is... 2017-01-25, 09:22:18
Why is there no code page 936 or gbk or gb18030?The non-standard page outputs the wrong codepad, unable to switch code page b... Otter Browser Forum Code page 936 is requ... 2017-01-02, 10:53:55
An example information:Code: [Select]+++RESP 651+++HTTP/1.1 200 OKDate: Mon, 02 Jan 2017 10:31:08 GMTContent-Type: applicatio... Otter Browser Forum [Bug]if downloads "fi... 2017-01-02, 10:36:01
For example, a sceneA main page,Assumption that in this forum.Open a page,But I do not understand because of the language....... Otter Browser Forum Re: About MouseGesture 2016-09-08, 19:10:41
----bugs1.mouse\default_2.ini, Groups:"[Link]"if addCode: [Select]pressRight,moveUp,releaseRight=OpenLinkInCurrentTabinvalid.... Otter Browser Forum About MouseGesture 2016-09-08, 18:46:09
1.Can't run:Latest [90],on winxp sp2Code: [Select]---------------------------otter-browser.exe - 无法找到入口----------------------... Otter Browser Forum Some problems 2015-09-30, 18:43:45