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Because if you didn't show respect you disappear?

The author's father could of been mistaken or at least had an embellishing view of his grandfather too.
send rockets all into the Universe
These are the voyages..?
Someone should put you on the radio...
I like turtles.
DnD Central / Re: Women acting like me??
You're off your rocker. Chased out by bats.
Yew don't here two much from them rite now because their's to much dumb en the party to even bother trying too make since.
If you all just accept his body-swerving and nonsense where is the point of this forum?!

I'm here for the weird sex stuff. Body-swerving is kinda hot! :P
Human trafficking or "slavery" is still very much a thing. Where's the outcry for more action there? Too busy burning down places here I guess. It's not the time to argue this who's lives matter tagline... Some understanding of the plight others still face would only bolster their point.
He's posted good links before.

Last two have been bunk

Fixed broken link.

The country is gun daft and has never properly or effectively handles things.
Easy there. Already plenty trying to make this about something it's not.

And here's a link from last night.

A perfect example of what to do if you wanna get shot. And that's the problem. I don't see anything "racist" there. Despite any threat he posed I don't think they should of shot him either. Another officer was pulling in and they probably would of caught him soon enough. Let him run out some of that energy. Cops caught the worst of that tussel, sure. But that's part of the risk they take. That guy took a DUI (or whatever) charge and turned it into way more... But still not a death sentence. By police policy, tho, this is textbook justification for getting your ass shot. That needs to change. If he'll fight that hard now he's likely to continue posing a threat to officers and the public. Grabbing more weapons and who knows what? That's the mindset. But might also run across the street and lay down to surrender when he realizes they aren't gonna let him go.

There's other videos of this with a [black] man saying, "They shot him for no reason." and "He was unarmed.". Which simply isn't the case. Most of the cries that these folks are "innocent" are not true. They didn't deserve what they got, but they are hardly without blame. You can't get combative with police. Blacks are notorious for handing police badly. That's not exclusive to them but surely it's disproportionately the case.

Culturally there's some housekeeping to be done. In the black community and in law enforcement. And a lot of it stems from the poor state of social services and the justice system.

Guns are another issue entirely. What started this had nothing to do with guns. It had to do with another black man getting arrested for drug charges and getting combative with police. And a brain dead officer letting his emotions keep him cutting the oxygen supply off to a subdued man. Two wrongs just ain't making it right.
Now Atlanta steps up to show what is wrong with all sides involved.

Black man [intoxicated] fights cops, steals taser, runs, points taser at cop with apparent intent to use.

Do you have to be black to not know you can get shot for that?

Cop shoots black man.

While there's riots all over the city country and when, let's be honest, threat was minimal. (Body armor VS taser? Guy's running too? Come on.)

And the response is - Wait for it - They burn down the Wendy's this happened at.

 :doh: FFS people.
More community involving is a must and those clowns who shout about shutting the police down are off their damn heads.

Yea. But it is nice to finally hear a demand of them. In principle "defunding the police" isn't terrible if you listen to the whole plan. Won't help anything. But has parts of what is probably needed in it. As per emotional contrivance, that's the stupidest name for it ever. "Reallocation" much?
Hehe. The point about Washington is interesting. When indeed are we to remove everything named for that slave owner?

Lincoln wouldn't go for the fact he is credited with freeing the slaves. Although, there's evidence to support he wouldn't of if that had served his purposes instead.
When i can pop into a cafe or similar and have a tea and bun or snack then I will probably stop turning her voice down on television news.
That's damn near American of you. I wish I could say I'm shocked by the level of spoiled people are here... I'm just not shocked at all.
Where do I start with this shit?

You don't respond to a protest about police brutality by committing police brutality so you can go jerk yourself off in front of a church with a Bible in hand.

I swear, give me like 10mins in a room alone with a leather belt. He'll shut the fuck up, quit pissing the carpet and sit on command.
I haven't pulled a 12er yet, but backlog is real.

Why you little...
DnD Central / Re: Today's Good News
Few years old and not safe for work song... Crude but first one I liked.
I've noticed older versions. Can you name the original, please? I'd like to hear it. Might help with the earworm.

She has odd mannerisms too. She's just got a couple songs I've liked... And she's an East Tennessee girl originally.

Edit: NVM found it, I think... Totally helped get it out my head too.

I like several of her songs. This one's been stuck in my head. A goofin' vid, but it's better than the seizure inducing official one.
Sports hats are the most fun. I call it 'The Hat Game' on vacation. People will treat you different if they think you're not a local. I've always been fascinated by how much people go by what's on my hat. Probably speaks to how much what's written on theirs defines them. It's fun to wear my Tennessee hat one day and <local team> hat the next just to see the difference.

I've got the most compliments from women for an Alabama hat around these parts. If you ever find yourself in Dixie wanting one of them sweet southern belle kisses, take note. Scotsman in a Bama hat - they don't stand a chance.
Having been a wearer of hats, quite often in fact, I can say people do go in with preconceptions based on the hat you're wearing. But my love affair with hats goes way back. Takes me back, in fact, to when my mom used to tell me "You better put a hat on so your face don't get burned" [sic], and I did not... And my face did get fiery red. You might say I too had been niggled. And then I realized sometimes things have purpose. But wearing a hat just became a habit over time. Sure as I had my shoes done up and my top button undone - I had my hat. And then I realized sometimes you might just do things cause you like it.

All cause momma asked me put that hat on, I've been a better man. :cry:
If anyone is curious,  a stone weighs 14 pounds. 🤔

Quote from: Wiki
When used as a measurement of body weight the UK practice remains to use the stone of 14 pounds as the primary measure e.g. "11 stone 4 pounds", rather than "158 pounds" (as done in the US),[13] or "72 kilograms" as used elsewhere.

 :sherlock: Guess I'm bored too.
Thank you! That worked. I remember going into those settings before but I apparently left a step out or something.

The touchscreen wasn't really for this PC it just ended up here, for now, until I started messing with home automation stuffs again. It's original intent was for a single board PC I was gonna use as a secondary or tertiary control hub somewhere else in the house. I've since got an even smaller screen for that and now may even just keep this one with this PC.

:) You're awesome mate! I guess complaining does help, lol.