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I've now found and added an en_GB dictionary, and made that the default in about:config.It correctly appears ticked as the in... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-18, 18:22:27
Thanks, I have made some progress since my last message!I found a us-EN dictionary, which consists of a en-US.aff file and a ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-17, 19:41:58
Ah, thank you!Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't get an e-mail notification of your reply for some reason.From what ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-17, 01:03:09
Can anyone tell me how the spellcheck on Otter is supposed to work?I'm using the latest weeklies.I gather that you're suppose... Otter Browser Forum Spell Checker 2018-01-14, 15:53:08
I noticed that the spell checker isn't working too, but there again, I haven't installed any dictionaries!I gather you're sup... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter Browser - G... 2018-01-08, 20:22:59
Thanks Emdek, well that's very strange then!As I said, Otter has always done this on my machine, and I kept thinking that one... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spurious Windows ... 2018-01-08, 19:37:46
Something I've been meaning to ask about for ages.When using Otter, every time I press the "Back" or "Forward" buttons on my ... Otter Browser Forum Spurious Windows soun... 2018-01-08, 15:39:18
You could try using the files in the folder referenced here in my earlier discussion with Emdek.They are from the XP SP2 pack... Otter Browser Forum Re: A question about ... 2017-12-28, 19:12:25
At the moment it seems to remember the order of the columns, but not their size. Otter Browser Forum Re: Transfers Window 2017-10-31, 14:22:32
Ah, sorry, I must have been mistaken about the way you left it being remembered.I was just so delighted that you can finally ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Transfers Window 2017-10-30, 22:52:41

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