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I have 8GB of RAM, so unlikely to be that!The page is still partially loading and then Otter just closes.Weekly #224.Probably... Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-04-24, 13:27:33
Thanks! So silly I didn't spot that option! Otter Browser Forum Re: Downloads tab not... 2018-04-24, 13:26:11
I've noticed in recent weeklies that the Downloads tab no longer seems to open automatically when a download is started.Was t... Otter Browser Forum Downloads tab not ope... 2018-04-19, 22:39:21
Otter just closes down if I try loading that page! Otter Browser Forum Re: Not responding wh... 2018-03-24, 00:39:31
Quote from: Emdek on 2018-03-01, 21:40:37@DaveH, that sounds like issue specific to Windows XP. :-/Oh dear, I was afraid you ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-03-02, 20:49:33
Spell check still crashing in weekly #212. Also does exactly the same with a clean profile. Anyone any ideas?   Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-29, 19:36:57
I've now found and added an en_GB dictionary, and made that the default in about:config.It correctly appears ticked as the in... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-18, 18:22:27
Thanks, I have made some progress since my last message!I found a us-EN dictionary, which consists of a en-US.aff file and a ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-17, 19:41:58
Ah, thank you!Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't get an e-mail notification of your reply for some reason.From what ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Spell Checker 2018-01-17, 01:03:09
Can anyone tell me how the spellcheck on Otter is supposed to work?I'm using the latest weeklies.I gather that you're suppose... Otter Browser Forum Spell Checker 2018-01-14, 15:53:08

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