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I can use eBay fine with Weekly 360 on Windows XP FWIW.   Otter Browser Forum Re: Latest Otter is B... 2021-01-18, 23:39:09
Still not working in weekly #360.   Otter Browser Forum Re: OnlyFans Site No ... 2020-12-11, 14:42:43
Was fine until a few days ago, now won't load properly, just shows the pulsing logo permanently and never goes to the login p... Otter Browser Forum OnlyFans Site No Long... 2020-11-06, 16:21:52
They're not using Flash. Otter Browser Forum Re: HTML5 video test 2020-07-16, 23:17:06
The videos on that page mostly seems to work OK in Otter here. Otter Browser Forum Re: HTML5 video test 2020-06-29, 13:07:27
Brilliant, works perfectly, thank you so much!      Otter Browser Forum Re: Can't sign into G... 2020-06-05, 20:59:52
OK, changing the user agent string on the Google login page finally enabled me to sign in, and I then had to play around with... Otter Browser Forum Re: Can't sign into G... 2020-06-02, 18:56:24
I just updated to weekly #333, and testing YouTube I now cannot use it.I get a message to sign into Google, but when I try to... Otter Browser Forum Can't sign into Googl... 2020-05-31, 21:20:04
Do we actually have a release version? I see that the new weekly version #260 is version 1.0.81!   Otter Browser Forum Re: Anyone know when ... 2018-12-25, 00:14:56
Let's hope we're there soon!   Otter Browser Forum Re: We haven't had a ... 2018-09-21, 18:37:02

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