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2014-12-30, 10:29:58
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currently Opera 11.52 / Win XP & Win7

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I just want to give a heads-up as one of my machines runs WinXP SP2 - The team is doing a brilliant job!  After a few months ... Otter Browser Forum Re: Otter and Windows XP 2016-05-16, 18:37:04
It's ok for me too now.Thanks Otter Browser Forum Re: Server moved 2015-09-03, 12:27:53
Thanks, Emdek. - Must be something on my side. says it's up, while I can't access it. Tri... Otter Browser Forum Re: Server moved 2015-09-01, 17:25:52 seems to be down.All I get is this Polish message:Przepraszamy, poprawna zawartość strony nie może zostać w... Otter Browser Forum Re: Server moved 2015-09-01, 14:09:35
Similar here - Otter #80 runs ok, but #84 won't  even start and doesn't come up with an error message either.WinXP SP2 Otter Browser Forum Re: Problem with buil... 2015-09-01, 13:56:09
Thanks!Not sure whether this is the place to ask, but her goes anyway:For Otter Browser ...... is there a list of open issues... DnD Central Re: New Member's Welc... 2014-12-30, 13:33:04
Hiya all,I too am an Opera refugee, still using Opera 11.52 for the time being. Heard about Otter Browser, so here I am  A f... DnD Central Re: New Member's Welc... 2014-12-30, 11:00:43

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