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The Lounge / Re: True or false?
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You eat cereal every day.
The Lounge / Re: What have you just eaten or drunk?
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Tea .
The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
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Lemon cake.
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Well it doesn't bother me at all as that was "oak" us being in that financial backwater the EU. They can move the offices where they like as we won't be in the damn club.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
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Thing I forgot to catch you up on Oakdale was the passing comment about GB and armed armed.

The regular daily police are NOT in that situation and when when some and I state some are armed because of situations that arise due to terrorists that is perfectly fine. We can blame Islam for the increased need of the armed squad situation. Years ago when in the ex-colonies a police sergeant said to me in a passing street chat we had if it was correct that unlike there the police depend on a whistle and a stick! The only main difference nowadays is that they have radios of course and the truncheon! The longer the beat Bobby is unarmed the better.
DnD Central / Re: The comings and goings of the European Union
Last post by jax -
Today is a day to divvy up the spoils. With Brexit EU agencies will leave Britain, and 19 European cities are competing to grab European Medicines Agency (EMA) and 8 cities are fighting over the European Banking Authority (EBA).

Politico has an overview of the election procedure, How to watch the Brexit battle for EU agencies like a pro and helpfully comes up with the bookies' odds. Fight! It's the EU agency free-for-all
In case you wondered, and of course you did: My hedged bet for EMA was right, Amsterdam will be the new home of EMA (Milan came second, Copenhagen third), while more surprisingly Paris got EBA (Frankfurt second, Dublin third). While Paris like to present themselves as the new London, I didn't expect them to have this pull. 
Well I am glad that my nation will in due course be no longer with the shambles known as the EU. It never gets it's books cleared annually and is still in financial problems. I look forward to saying cheerio to it and meantime plan my third trip to the Netherlands!
I do have to say in fairness to sensible Americans that Smiley is not one of that corner at all. Ful of emotional diatribes and out of date stuff. That Constitution should have been changed an awful long time ago when the place was trying to grow up had police an army for defence and so on. Instead we get all this codswallop about swearing to something and totally ignoring the things inbuilt as protection.   On top of the military and police the place has is it over 14 security agencies?? What a damn farce and our resident terror hypocrite proves that label well! Why does a country need over 300 million personal guns on top of the military farce numbers?

My own personal US friends are totally different from this childish, immature and emotional rubbish. When i passed a comment that Smiley's would-be wonderful President did comment on national mental issues that was ignored. There is a national mentality issue that runs into big numbers and the corporate controllers are right in there like the gun manufacturers and so on. Years ago people used to passingly refer to certain countries as 'Banana Republics' while missing out the biggest...... :irked:
......It begins to affect others when they over there bear arms, it is a constitutional right to them, and they think nobody else has such right and that any differing viewpoint of this matter is a sign of being a wimp etc. It is a real detriment to communication.

I don't know anyone at all that feels that way.
For tons of very good examples, start reading yourself from the beginning of this thread. But Oakdale's latest comment here also serves some of the good old American gun-rightist attitude. are still likely watching your telly: The BBC wants you to die; you yourself want to, except and unless your "enemies" --people you disagree with-- might demise before you. Then, you could behave like the un-gentleman you are.

What you really object to about the U.S. 2nd Amendment is simple: You're a wimp. You've always been a wimp and a slacker:
You do what you do on-line because that's all that's left to you...