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Apologies. Two versions as I got a pc problem confusing things and tried to start again....
I heard a reference on a passing news item about a gun less man shot by a US police officer but not done for it. Then last night seen the security video and was shocked.

You could hear the officer telling the suspect who was kneeling on the floor to raise both hands up and the man did that.  Then still screaming at him told him to lie on the floor and crawl and the man did that and the policeman shot him to death. At court he got completely off with it as he argues he felt under threat. Now how the hell could that cop be so sick to tell the man to raise his hands while sitting then to crawl on the floor towards the police then gun him down? to lie on the floor in a hectic voice repeatedly.

When I heard a news item about an American policeman gunning down an unarmed man I just sighed then last night seen the security video of the incident (forgot the State - was it Kansas? Not sure). Arriving to arrest the man he was sitting on the floor so the officer kept going ballistic screaming at him to get both hands to be raised so the man did that stretching both right above his head. Then the officer screamed to lie down and crawl towards the police so the man did that followed by being shot to death. The cop ended up in court but got off scot free! The argument was that the officer had pursued the idea he felt threatened. Where do you lot get so many of these mind-benders? How in hell's name could he get away with that?? it is so regular over there makes you wonder about the mentality of so many who get away with such things. The incident was utterly shocking.

DnD Central / Re: Pity about 1917...
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I should maybe inform midnight raccoon that apart from the routine police all that Imperial Russia had was the Ohkrana "secret police." They could only hold you for 15 days and either get a trial organised or release the prisoner. It had no great numbers although was good at infiltrating terror groups. Neither could they exercise raids without approval. And the wonderful free America has what - 13 or more government security agencies? Must have a dodgy population?!
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I suppose the problem America has is the enormous influx of Mexicans running into millions. Oh i dare say the open minds will muse on lots of space but that is something we DON'T have here and giving us problems on structure and everything else.
You forgot to add the "National" a newspaper that is a waste of time and a much declined sales.....
Norway's ministers are always gays.
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True, I think? Honestly I'm not sure. Those hippity hops were called Skippy balls in Dutch when I was little iirc.

Your heating is taking a break because it's at the right temp, but that's very noticeable.
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False. I think it's a mime.  :P

You used to own a Space hopper.
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