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DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Antiquity?
Last post by Frenzie -
I am no better at maths now than I was at my early 20s, I am probably significantly worse. But I do know a whole lot more history. That is pretty typical. We learn more, even much more, history after school than we did in school. I'd venture the guess that is the case most of you.
I'd posit I also learned vastly more history after school while I was in school, except probably while I was going to university.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Antiquity?
Last post by jax -
The school framework is used and it brought us to where we are, thus it is usable. And everybody who has given a thought to the matter understands that global interoperability cannot be had, as long as local cultures evolving at variant speeds are to be adequately described.

The global interoperability, providing an occasional synchronisation to connect the timelines of local cultures, archeological-philological evidence permitting, is the Western year-numbers BC/AD method. So all the necessary pieces in history education are already there.

Teaching history to children is pretty futile to begin with.
A general anti-educational attitude will definitely not help your cause.

It was the best available framework at the time. But it doesn't scale that well from "what happened in my village at my great grandmother's time" to 5000+ years of human endeavour.

Each our life-time adds about 2% to history (depending of the span of our lives and what we count as span of history). A child's conscious span is a tenth that. The first historical event I remember I was 4 and didn't really have a timeline until at least double that. To a child history is something that happens to other people, mostly the dead ones. Chronological stereopsis comes later, if at all. That is not a requirement for engaging with history, but it is part of the reason why we often don't.

I am no better at maths now than I was at my early 20s, I am probably significantly worse. But I do know a whole lot more history. That is pretty typical. We learn more, even much more, history after school than we did in school. I'd venture the guess that is the case most of you.

That is not «anti-educational», quite the opposite. Education should strive to instil an interest, even enthusiasm for, history, and give tools for acquiring an overview to learn more later in life. But data cramming in childhood is not optimal. We got a lifetime to fill in the blanks. A system like this gives us a frame on which to hang the new information.

A generational framing in turn is a tool for a much larger project:

A call for Big History

The chunks in my framework are completely arbitrary, but to which we can attach mnemonic labels as desired.
Also now the chunks are arbitrarily named (Middle Ages? Early Modern times? As times move on, these are bound to be renamed, so there should have been some deeper thought given to naming them in the first place). And the labels are mnemonic enough for teaching children. If the system is unusable to teach children, it is useless.

The current system is already in the spirit that you try to achieve, "Something is easier to remember if it has a name, even if a name is misleading. Names, just like the end points of generations, are arbitrary. In principle the names might be something like Alice and Bob, but hooks help." The current labels of eras are based on a messy, essentially arbitrary system of hooks to provide a reference point to the era, so we are already there.

There is a difference between a tag and a name. "The Middle Ages" isn't just a label, it is the name of a time period in Western Europe, with quibbles for its beginning, end, and geographic extent. The Middle Ages is a thing. A label is just a transient crutch, which can be personalised. If instead of "phone" you picked e.g. "US hegemony" or "the rise and fall of Japan" that's your prerogative.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Antiquity?
Last post by OakdaleFTL -
I think back to my "blog" at MyOpera, where I combined my poetry with my photography... One reader -a pretty smart cookie- complained that one poem was too hard to read because its font too closely matched the background (the photo)! I suggested she simply highlight the text... Problem solved!
Not every " problem" requires a special "solution". Sometimes just remembering what the medium actually is is enough...:)
My computer is midst-snit, but I heard enough of the song's beginning and end to say I like it! Thanks. I'd not likely have found it on my own...

What I heard earlier todayon my car radio, as I sat outside of a birthday party already started without me...:)  (still echoes in that space between my ears, I'm told, should be put to good use... (I tell'em back, Waddya think I'm tryin' ta'do?:) Beethoven's Ghost Trio, rendered with authority and sensitivity. When I can, I'll give what YouTube has a listen; but first I want the sheets! (I picked up a violin this week, had it set up by a local professional, and -as is not unusual for me- I want to dive in head-first! :) But seriously: How hard can it be? It has strings and a fingerboard and I can read well enough...
So what, if I haven't touched a fiddle in almost 40 years?!
(I'm told it likely was incidental music for a production of Macbeth:)

What I'm listening to as I write this is: Three old clocks in my room ticking the seconds away, a soothing sound.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
Last post by rjhowie -
You do not live in a proper democracy of reasonable society so you have been traditionally well brained by daft propaganda. I* am glad not in the EU and that should stay that way including for Scotland. We could not afford not being in the UK. Coming from a nation like yours and the mess it is in and the regular mass killings and riots what a farce trying to look democratic and well versed.
DnD Central / Re: Nonsense from the West over Ukraine
Last post by rjhowie -
That is head shaking coming from an America Oakdale! Wanting superiority the world has been an an in depth thing for generations. Creating battlefields, spying on countries, trying to destabilise where they will not give in to US Imperialism. Your country accuses Russia of interfering in your election but no proof - none. America is riddled with wide spread mob violence, regular mass killings but wants to be a world controller! You have bases all over the world and coming out with a label on Russia over the election nonsense. Where is the proof??!
Moderator edit:  You've been told to keep PM conversations off the forum, you've been told to take your repetitive guff elsewhere. You've had enough warnings but you still persist. My patience has now ran out and that's the final straw.
For a young man with a supposed education (even though an American one) you talk utter rubbish and indeed directly lie.

(1) Britain and the Irish famine:
your totally being immature and not very bright. Britain did not organise a starvation in Ireland the tragedy was a purely local thing at a time when less was known. IO would also educate by informing you that the same thing happened in the north of Scotland. Neither planned by authorities in a simper time.  Mind you a lot of irish who left for your place the boosted crime and corruption across the USA.
(2) More British on the dole:
More lack of grey cells from you and may I remind you of the virus (that has also affected nutjobland).
(3)Knife crime in Scotland:
Again more utter ignorant nonsense. Here it has declined and better and greatly declined situation that in England and elsewhere across the UK.You are out of date.
(4) Kenya, Churchill etc:
More scant knowledge  and would also remind that there was away back decades ago an evil and violent Coummist activity there.

Your piffle coming from a violent land of mass murders, iffy police and so on makes you look silly. I try to make allowances for the way you lot are brought up.
I wrote a paper nearly a decade ago stating that by 2050, I felt as though the USA would cease to exist. Domestic terrorism, hyperinflation, and overextending foreign entanglements bring the causes.

Yes, Lincoln did leave us an excellent situation and we've bungled what he left
Us?! I's say you and I have done our part, mostly admirably! As have the vast majority of our countrymen. The Reconstruction was done -however cruelly, crudely and ineptly; and the past is the past. The vexatious Marxist influence in our society is the root of our current peril...
You cited proximate causes. (I won't dispute them...) But it may be too late for half-measures and palliatives: Someone once said something about "a house divided" and that counsel remains valid, as cautionary considerations go.
(Let us pray -if we've a mind to- that Franklin's admonition ("...hang together or...") is not what is needed!)
DnD Central / Re: Nonsense from the West over Ukraine
Last post by OakdaleFTL -
Safer in Russia? Safer for whom?
Is it gibberish you want? :)

I'd think it safer to be on the moon,
where the breathing is hard and exhaling
a bane at best... No more caterwailing
'bout what must be called lunacy, and soon!

(Russia wants what it wants, and will have it...
There are no Great Powers now, no faction
'cept who would survive and by what action,
and of course inaction is likely... Shit,

man, canna see -so blinded jealousy
has made ya- what Putin intends for thee?)

But alas no one had the foresight to
bring even one teeny li'l' bomb along...
So for gaud and greed and guile he'd be wrong,
this Putin Russia Firster's aur-redux.