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finally, it do works...
there were only a problem with adresse in the line "application".

really thanks a lot Beastie
for the moment i have add
Code: [Select]
"type": "action",
"identifier": "OpenUrlAction",
"options": {
"icon": "",
"text": "Open in Opera"
"parameters": {
"application": "opera.exe",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"

i took it on an old post about this 'little' absence of the options <openWith>
but, if the link do appears with the right icon...

i have add the line [ "type": "action", ]

but it do not open the page, or the url in an other browser..

i try to do it with the old opera, because there a key in windows
HKEYlocalMachine/Software/client/StartMenuInternet... with otterBro too but no vivaldi or chrome or other
opera 12.18 was using this regedit key to open an other browser...

for the moment... well well well
Why don't you just add a
Code: [Select]
line in the
Code: [Select]
"includeIn": "link",

Or am I misunderstanding what you're trying to do?
then, it works, but this files is just an headack ... find where to do something is as "benji" (i do it, or not ???)

well, then i've remove the "open link" firt line of the OpenAlink Rightclick'menu wich is not really usefull in comparison of the next one OpenInAnothertab (its a use in vivaldi)

and i'm tryonf to had and openwith another browser... for the moment i've been abble to add <open with vivaldi>, an <open with opera>, just after the openInAnotherWindows... as in opera...

but it yet opened nothing, the .exe is not called and the url is not opened... it's hell there !!!
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Remove newToolBar
Last post by Quetzal -
yeap, you're right... i went into this files, just after had this new bar... but without to have close/reopned otter... and nothing was recorded into

now this bar is recorded, and is esay to find... (then i've post a few quicker, in little moment of panics (whaaat nothing to get it off... rhaaa)

thanks a lot
cool, thanks a lot Beastie... i'm goona try that soon
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by Colonel Rebel -
.........Hopefully my fellow citizens will have enough sense to throw asshole m'f'er out next November. Perhaps Bloomberg can gather some momentum?

None of the state department's business regarding your social media, etc.

Well, long time Nick!!!

How goes it?

Sorry ya feel the way ya do, but IMHO, it seems you have taken an unfortunate hard turn to the Left.....

Please say it ain't so!!

As far as I'm concerned I feel the government (any government) has absolutely no right whatsoever into a Law-Abiding American Citizen's personal information, & social media activity. But, unfortunately that bronco has already bolted out the corral 30 years or so ago. They are already there.....these new regs are just a smokescreen to cover the governments 'real' objectives.

That said, the World changed one September morn, & like it or not, I've had to endure inconveniences over the years too......but to me it's not 'the end of the world', & in this case I feel....much to my chagrin....I can almost understand why the government is doing what it is.  It is a proven fact that the District Courts don't like it when the same rules don't apply to all, especially those with sand in their shoes, so in order to eliminate those wolves the government has to target to protect us all, they have to aim higher, & seemingly aim for a broader circle of targets, causing possible collateral damage amongst us mostly innocent folk .......Our overall legitimate Freedom & Liberty....though takin' an uncomfortable probably better served knowin' that the real bad guys are bein' seen to before they cross out doorstep.

Now, Michael Bloomberg, that petulant, ex-NYC Mayor, Anti-Second Amendment flee bag needs to be summarily euthanized............politically.

So far the gun-totin' Right, myself proudly included, along with the hard good work of the NRA & others, has held him & his ilk in check, but his billions make him a difficult adversary.

Nick, sincerely, if Bloomberg ever did get his Extreme-Left tentacles into the oval office, you might as well rip up the Bill of Rights, & study up on Europe's slide to the bottom.....because America will be forced to rollin' with that pack in no time flat!

Well, I hope all's good with you & yours........good to see ya again.......I do stop by every now & then, but bein' retired  is keepin' me busier now than when I was actually makin my daily do.......'till we cross paths again.......all the best

Keep on.....keepin' on!!

:cheers: to you good Sir! Hope you and your family have been well! Mine certainly have.

I've spent the last few years in the corporate manufacturing world. Building up some cash, representing fellow workers with grievances to management, etc. Stock market has been very kind to me of late, of which that is the only nod I'll give of gratitude to the incumbent president. Everything else, he continues to set us back by decades, especially in worker's rights.

I still am not completely in disagreement with you politically, as in you and I retain similar views on the 2nd Amendment, but I still also remain very firmly in the #NeverTrump camp.

Glad to hear you are doing well and retirement is keeping you busy, ya old codger! :D
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by Frenzie -
Michael Bloomberg, that petulant, ex-NYC Mayor
Republican (petulant) ex-NYC mayor, wasn't he? Doesn't a priori sound terribly left tbh, unless he's completely turned around the past decade.
That's because it's including the default configuration. You don't have it in your user directory because you haven't modified the default.

If you want to modify it, copy webWidget.json to your <Otter user configuration directory>/menu/webWidget.json and modify that.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Remove newToolBar
Last post by beastie -
I'm not sure I understand you well. You mean you've added one of the standard panels to the default sidebar, such as Addons, Advanced Configuration, etc. In that case, at the end of the sidebar there's a "+" that let's you uncheck anything you've added.
The changes are stored in your toolBars.json file:
Code: [Select]
		"identifier": "SideBar",
"panels": [