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DnD Central / Re: Scottish fuehrer a groan!
Last post by rjhowie -
And apparently she is indicating would prefer to be even more dictatorial. Glad she hs high heels so we can see her!
Oh I am happy about being easy pleased but on a wider scales than you are trying to illustrate! Heehee.
You're easily amused rj. It's quite sweet really.
During all this virus stuff we are getting stuck with encouraging going on runs or going cycling during the starting locked down months became a big promotion. However cyclists have become a damnably nuisance where they should not be and that is on pavements. They zoom about on regular pavements everywhere in my city and in the city centre just as bad including main streets that are pedestrian only. On a couple of occasions when I have been frustrated and passingly complained got sworn at. Added bother is even elsewhere in quiet neighbourhoods with quiet roads they don't bother with roads and bump up onto the pavement.

Utterly ridiculous and I am talking about "mature" people not just kinds.
DnD Central / Re: Is there a police psychology problem??
Last post by rjhowie -
A really disgusting nd horrible matter that is sadly very routine over the pond. Even allowing for decent ones in genera America has had a very long and wide terrible police service. In past times not so well known a fact of life until modern times and mobile phone cameras and other such advantages. Wee bit of a time ago mentioned a retired police captain with long service from Philadelphia I noted speaking on television. He openly stated that the country has a deep weakness in the poor standard and belligerence of far to many police and should not be in the job.
What is extra hilarious is that bright spark that was going to bring in tighter laws on opinions has had to back down (slightly) as there were thousands of objections. Along with that were high police concerns and senior legal people. Sooking in with the wonky Greens a passing groan!  :lol:
You're getting confused Oakdale! I make allowances for the hard truth that the way the US is routinely run is a mess and I am fortunate to be in a place where the corporates do not run the place. If that Biden bloke wins the trouble will not go away. Ease up laddie and sip a soft drink for a change!!  8)  :drunk:

ps I am not a lefty.  :happy:
He was an Independent he left the SNP a good while ago. Mind you I laughed just as much when the tory left to join the SNP.

Ashley Graczyk: Why I quit as Tory councillor and now back independence

Hilarious, Not!  :rolleyes:
DnD Central / Re: Is there a police psychology problem??
Last post by jax -
Police culture + gun culture + car culture = 15 bullets for 1 bicyclist

Attorneys say independent autopsy shows Dijon Kizzee was shot 15 times

Attorneys representing the family of Dijon Kizzee said the 29-year-old man sustained 15 gunshot wounds and disputed the Sheriff's Department's assertion that he pointed a gun at deputies before he was shot in South L.A. last month.

At a news conference Tuesday, attorney Carl Douglas said deputies fired some of the shots when Kizzee was already on the ground, and that the gunfire didn't immediately kill him. He said those findings came from an independent autopsy commissioned by the family and displayed a body diagram showing the entry point of each wound.

"What this shows is he was alive and breathing and writhing in pain when the officers continued to stay away," Douglas said, suggesting that deputies did not render aid during those critical moments as Kizzee bled to death on Aug. 31. Kizzee's family members stood by, wearing black face masks that said, "Justice for Dijon Kizzee."

The shooting occurred in the 1200 block of West 109th Place in the Westmont neighborhood after the deputies alleged that Kizzee was riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. The Times has identified the two deputies as a trainee and his supervisor.
It has a long history of warfare and spends more than anyone else on it whilst legions suffer starvation over the pond.
That first sentence had me laughing so hard I "nearly had my native simile Jarred". The second might be worth persuing...
Cannot a Scot be miserly enough with his own money? Must he pinch everyone else's pennies too?

I'll pit out legions against you'n,, anytime, RJ[/]! (Hey, I thought you were all for welfare? What happened?)

Biden gives an impression like a duck gives a cluck!