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Sympathise there on what you have directly stated Belfrager. Some individuals I have known or others whom I have been quietly direct with sympathised with me but of course ensured they were not heard. Fortunate Swedes.

Drastic, authoritarian measures will inevitably come, even by non-authoritarian governments, when epidemic is not under control.

Difference between non-authoritarian and authoritarian governments is what else they will use those measures for.
It is dangerous when the State takes liberty from the people. Always allegedly for our own good and always for never give it back.
This is going to be like the eleven of September pretext, less and less freedom.

Like most of the dictatorial situations, it is supported by a large part of the population that even asks for more.

The actual situation is not about health concerns anymore, it clearly turned into sanitary proto-fascism spreading all over the world.
Nobody ever thought that the future would be this shit.
Can literally save lives by sitting home doing nothing and people are still messing this up. smh. 
The Lounge / Re: What is your weather now?
Last post by ersi -
Wow, sunny and +10C. Just last Saturday it snowed...
Browsers & Technology / Re: The Awesomesauce of Chrome
Last post by jax -
I proposed something similar for Opera in my time, but with a XPath(-lite) syntax. For my purpose (and I think many other purposes), the node tree was/is more useful than merely string-to-string.
The Lounge / Re: What music are you listening to right now?
Last post by ersi -
This one attempted to get to Eurovision some years ago, but did not win the national round in Estonia. This year there is no Eurovision at all :(

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by rjhowie -
Poor young man and an equal pity that democracy is a bit of a chat more than practice!
Well you stick to your good ole tradition Southern laddie and the next time I pass my picture of General Lee on a bedroom wall will tell him about you of course.   8)