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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by Quetzal -
yep, i went back to to try to download the #400, because it become to be more en more difficult to pass capchas all over the net

and i seen that this #400 was for XP user only...

then i will wait, wait and wait... godo may comes soon, hope not with santa claus, it'll be a few late

good surf DaveH ;)
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Last post by Luxor -
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by DaveH -
I'm still on Windows XP, so when I update I extract the files from the zip file of the XP version, and then just move them all across to my Otter folder, overwriting as necessary.
That's always woked for me.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by Quetzal -
yep, i've seen that too... but it's only files, for windows.exe lover that i am ?

some could explain me how to update my #380 with the new #400 ??

instead of this little difficulties... hope you're well...
I'm fine with the snap stuff in principle, as an alternative source. What I don't like though is how in Discover for example you have to pay extremely close attention to where a suggestion's coming from. If you use the command-line or a more dedicated app like Muon that's not an issue.
Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2 now includes browser Vivaldi.

Some years ago there used to be resistance to shipping corporate-ware with Manjaro. Now there's Staroffice and Vivaldi and some other things. There also used to be attention to consistency of app sources - repos only - and the users had the opportunity for AUR. But these days Manjaro ships with snapd too...

My Manjaro installations on various machines are old enough so that these new additions do not concern me, but if I need to install again, I will need to pick a different distro.
DnD Central / Re: Finding the best system of economy
Last post by ersi -
A nice video starting with a slice of early history of Iceland.

The modelling leads to the conclusion that anarcho-capitalism is no alternative to the capitalism we have; it just is plain (corporate) capitalism. You cannot be a proponent of entrepreneurial freedoms, small government, and democracy all at the same time (a la Reaganomics, Thatcherism and neoliberalism). It's because in companies and corporations there is no democracy, thus the unmitigated expansion of entrepreneurial freedoms leads to an oppressive social order for the majority (social order = form of government).

And here's another modelling of anarcho-capitalism, a game called Habbo that I did not know about earlier.

So what's the alternative? In real life, there are state-designated strategic domains such as vital resources, energy, military, possibly also education and healthcare etc. The more there are such strategic domains and the more closely they are regulated with price controls, trade barriers and other protections, the more mixed the economy is. It's mixed, not socialist. The government has to operate for the social benefit of the society, something that capitalist companies do not do. Companies can give salaries to the workers, but they cannot guarantee that the salary will be just, sufficient, or that the money will be convertible and stable. Companies also do not guarantee that products are beneficial for the people and that the trade or production is not too harmful for the environment. The government needs to identify the strategic domains, pay attention to equitable distribution of the resources and products of the domain to the society and be diligent punishing any abuses, particularly when own officials fail to observe the rules or become corrupt, but also when companies encroach.

All this is of course unenforceable in a game where the environment is created by a for-profit company. The game reflects its creator. A for-profit creator of course defines the terms and calls the shots for his own profit.
Otter Browser Forum / Weekly 400
Last post by DaveH -
Thanks for the new build, and it's now reporting the right version so no more spurious update nags!
All working fine, keep up the good work.
Thanks, Dave.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by ersi -
Sydney Powell and her co-nutheads get legally devastated in Michigan as their election's fraud lawsuit is judged utterly frivolous. The writer of the decision probably giggled a lot when writing it, but it is rather painful to hear how empty a lawcase in USA can be.

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by ersi -
They have something against basements also.