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The recent national election in Russia brought a tight situation and glaring issues with that SF lot.Eventually after a delay trying to have a government there was a coalition between the two main parties and a share with the Greens.That in itself kept the Sinn Fein out and that was encouraging but this former PM has said publicly that the two main parties should amalgamate being so close.
DnD Central / Money dumped in vast amounts for space?
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Makes me wonder why so much is spent in vast massive sums to send rockets all into the Universe and even some would-be experts musing on getting us to places like Mars. What a load of cobblers and not much real point to the general people who live on Earth.
DnD Central / Massive rise of the Russian Orthodox
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There has been a constant and vastly big rise in that Church since the collapse of the terrible USSR. Men training to be clergy and everywhere churches brought back in vast numbers with the clergy encouraged to have strong families when married. Now the latest and brand new on has the highest steeple in the country and is a military cathedral. Vast majority of the military statistically regard themselves as Orthodox nowadays. Every week several churches are added and being very much part of the country. Now the country has in the poll agreed that like the Orthodox only men and women can marry each other.
As a frequent visitor to N. Ireland and took boys camps there for many years it is the worst of the 4 parts of the UK for rail decline and nothing much happening. When the railways were taken over by the government at Stormont in 1948 within a short time lines started getting shut and it fell eventually from over 800 to barely over 200 miles. One line is suspended and about 18 miles long connected both ends to two main lines. Not too long ago some 10,000 petitioned to get the line from Portadown to Armagh back but got poor response. Bit sad really and here in Scotland we have had 5 passenger lines brought back and now a 5th to be added after a gap of decades. One of them over 30 miles long!
DnD Central / Women acting like me??
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We get women football stuff now (groan) and in addition female cricket, rugby, boxing? Proving a lacking sex so try to be men?
DnD Central / Railways continually on British television.
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As a life long lover of railways and very into rail simulators every week there are regular programmes about passenger rail interests here. One series with the ex-minister Michael Portillo on lines visits in Scotland, England, Wales, Ulster, Eire. Chris Tarrant doing an hour long visit to national passenger rail across the world and a former actor doing something similar in a series.
Doesn't matter a dashed thing whether Republicans or Democrats running the White house the large and gross negatives continue under both. The giant numbers in prison, tens of millions on food stamps too much spent trying military wise to run the world while too many of their own are in difficulty. Interesting way to spell 'right' there!
Yew don't here two much from them rite now because their's to much dumb en the party to even bother trying too make since.
Quote from:  the Bloomberg's article
In the coming years, three things will dominate the attention of the intellectual right: the main international rival (China), the main domestic rival (the left), and the main thing they stare at all day long (the internet).
Intellectual Right? American Intellectual Right?? where are they? not in Bloomberg fore sure.  :lol:
What the Post-Trump Right Will Look Like

Conservative intellectuals will end up focusing on China, the internet and the left.

The upcoming U.S. election raises a question also asked the last time around: What will the intellectual right look like a few years from now? Even if President Donald Trump wins re-election, the jockeying for 2024 will begin almost immediately -- and the smartest and best-informed thinkers on the right will have to decide which views and attitudes to emphasize.

Here are a few predictions about what might happen, as distinct from claims about what should happen.