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Yeah! That'll be why they are always being elected into government.
DnD Central / Re: Scottish First Minister a groan!
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She is a bossy boots

As I said, she's living in your head rent free. Absolutely wonderful.  :yes:
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
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I believe all the light green and dark green have father's family name as default choice for family name, but that there are often some mechanism to apply for the mother's family name instead, or using both.
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Last post by Belfrager -
The family name is the same thing as the father's surname?
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Last post by jax -
You have this map (some own work at r/MapPorn; it seems correct).

Apart from not including the whole world, it doesn't include the full complexity. For instance, which name(s) do you actually use? Are nicknames common? In what context?

The dominant rule in the West is that given name is used among friends (and usually family), mostly with colleagues. Family name, possibly with an honorific, dominate in formal context, though full name (given and family in whichever order), possibly with an honorific, is common too. In Iceland your first name is your formal name, as is the case in Britain for knighted individuals, so e.g. Tim Berners-Lee would formally be Sir Tim. 

Naming order in Vietnam is the same as in Hungary or China, but here the given name is the formal name.  In China, unsurprisingly, the formal name is the full name (FAMILY Given). Depending on the number of syllables, that can also be the informal name. Family names in China are predominantly single syllable. Given names can be one or more syllables. If both names are monosyllabic both names would be used informally.  So e.g. LIU Cixin would be Cixin among friends, while XU Yong would be XU Yong among friends.

Making and maintaining an international name list is an interesting challenge.
The letters SNP are a routinely simple thing.........
DnD Central / Re: Scottish fuehrer a groan!
Last post by rjhowie -
Nah that is your rather dance away Luxor. She is a bossy boots and although I can used to wee folk getting keen to be seen I have illustrated in my own relations situation how stupid the action is. Keep away from your relations but can take them for a meal. Brilliant, haha. Can slag me off to get comfort by in practicality you are being nonsensical. Doing a dance rather than the practicality is a routine nationalism. Shame you have not realised this.  :rolleyes:
Wow a Yank who can work things out simply, haha!  :up:
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Last post by ersi -
Yoshihide Suga or Suga Yoshihide? Japan pushes media to fall in line on name order
Foreign journalists working in Japan say they are coming under pressure to give in to the government's request to reverse the order of individuals' names in their news articles.

Japan adopted the Western style of writing a person's given name followed by their family name when writing in Latin script about 100 years ago, when Emperor Meiji encouraged the introduction of foreign ideas for the nation's government and society as part of what is known as the Meiji Restoration....

National broadcaster NHK was swift to adopt the new style, but the takeup elsewhere has been less successful.
By the way, George Soros was originally Schwartz György, as is normal in Hungarian. Also in Estonian, colloquially, people's names work the other way, family name first.
ps I am not a lefty.   :happy:
You are Orange... Quick question: What does (red + yellow = ?) :)