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Yes I would agree that unfortunately the United States of America does have a long history of very obvious violence. I would also say that the country has had a long history of hypocrisy boasting about a dashed constitution, principled freedom and all that when the hard history has been a wide contradiction. As I have informed here the slave-owners included leaders of that would-be breakaway revolution and what turned out to be a farcical constitution. Its "great leaders including slave owning leaders and constitution contributors. In the civil war Lincoln who's statue I passed on a long ago visit to America was another two-faced. Behind the scenes he made it appropriate that black people would not be equated.

There is a very deep problem in the USA and I would accept to a degree it does not help if you are living in poor areas a yet there can be built in differences as it had been intimated that coloured people are more easy about receiving certain illnesses like the present virus. Persona;;y I have no time for all this sticking up an arm with clenched fist and it does have a far left political leaning. Another passing irritation I have is this thing about referring to coloured Americans as African Americans. What is next - Scots Americans Chinese Americans, etc, etc?! Over there that labelling is not a progress at all. The country has not yet properly sorted out many police forces and although there will be decent ones in general they are not organised on a community basis just laying down the law and that is it.  With so many issues regarding it's coloured people the USA has to catch up because there is a very conspicuous crime level amongst those who are not white. Mind you I am not sure whether the country has the potential to improve itself because the lack has existed since existed. Was okay for me to visit for a holiday years ago and see the place in practice but would not live in it.
Such as with many other conflicts, much of the mess is caused by lack of clarity of the meaning of things. A very well defined issue is broadened to handle a lot of unrelated things, and so it misses its substance.
The Black Lives Matter movement is specific about unjustified violence by police officers against black people in the United States. As such, it is indisputable. When it turns out to involve slavery, ban racial terminology, offend white people, demolish historic monuments, be a left wing banner, it gets into the mess of useless political and racial debate.
A Church of England cathedral has replaced a picture of the last supper by having a black Christ. Is this thing getting wonky or are we to get refused another direction or wonder what to really think? No-one in their sensible ,ind wants to cheer for racism but this black getting negatives is a pain. Adverts on our television here in Gt Britain regularly have coloured leaning ones as well as mixed ones showing. We get groaning comments sometimes against people in history over the last two or three centuries yet suitably ignore the hard historical truth that slavery went on for a great many centuries and there were  Asian Muslims involved in it and included white people stolen and made slaves. Even in African people there got involved in slavery so it is not something that is the sole label on one group namely white folk. Places like Africa were not very progressive and in the long run it was white people that led the eventual direction of education and getting inherent people the chance to improve. That such a continent still has problems decades after freedom shows an inherent local problem.

I will also add that this recent thing about sports events starting with people on one knee is a groan and those that stick a hand up with a clenched fist are portraying a very leftist thing. When we get the stuff about black people being less fortunate we ignore what is seen on television programmes, famous coloureds in sports and so on. However such are almost ignored because it does not suit this going over the top with BLM cries. I have been active in adult and youth organisations that were not racial but interwoven however I am getting fed up with all this nonsense we get even here in the UK and our society if you do not agree with those who limit their brain side you are automatically racist. Certain places in the world have deep problems I know but we are getting too much nonsense and if white and want to have the democratic right to say challenge something here racial guff is thrown to you. Things are being too imbalanced and created by extreme political small brain and too many people frightened to say anything different. I in passing just happen to be white but not apologising for it!
Poland was over time lost to Russia after the collapse of Tsarism. The USSR was an evil, despicable and hell hole of a place. It done in far more pea film on the speech to a crowd n a field made it very clear there would only be a one-party State! In the Jewish corner they were highly involved in Communism and a fact of history not said much about. The Reds o that dreadful revolution murdered millions people still starved were dispatched to far off parts of the country. Folk had their homes confiscated bank money removed and although thankfully in a sense that evil Lenin did not live long the ignorant not uch of a public speaker Stalin was violently worse. Massive numbers of folk were dispatched to terrible frozen camps in far off Siberia. Numbers vastly outdone similar people sent there pre1917. Many were not in camps before then but courts would order them a period of time they had to just live there. Could decide where they lived and worked then at the end of that term could move back west to that popular end of Russia.

Today the Russian Federation does not automatically have to be like the West just because we want that. They have a range of parties in their Duma and the marking of the 100th year since the terrible assassination of the Royals the parliament all stood up to mark the terrible thing and sadness and even included Communist Party members! I can still recall prior to the collapse of the Reds in the early 1990's how poor the place looked., Shops especially bakers with queues looking not impressive and few cars on the roads. Today mighty traffic jams shops of variety, colour and attraction a modernisation and definitive progress and because not like ours that makes them a fail?!
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I do make allowances for your limitations ersi seeing you are European.

nodded to my imperial picture (next General Robert e lee the impressive army commander of the Confederates during the civil war in nutjobland - opps America.
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Clever you worked out I liked Putin and by the way Tsarism as well - last Tsar is on my wall.....!  8)
This one?

"Awesome :faint: e".
The US should do rather well as soon as it gets out of the Pax Romana mindset and into a global version of the Concert of Europe. The US mostly has opportunities and few threats. The EU needs to come to some understanding with our neighbours, Russia, the Middle East and the African Union, while the US got this beautiful wall from sea to shiny sea.
While the US founding fathers had a hangup on the Roman republic, the natural analogy isn't Rome, but London. Sometimes, during the worst excesses of Trump, Moscow springs to mind, but really it is London. The Fall of The British Empire was a rather protracted affair. Hopefully the US will do better.

The US part-obsession with China will pass. While Washington D.C. took the baton from London. Beijing will never get it. The EU will compete with India for the bronze medal, but actually we will have a bunch of frontrunners making more or less permanent alliances. 
Europeans talk talk talk criticizing the rest of the world and everyday it passes we are more out of the map.
I imagine the same happened with the Romans.
Europe already had its Rome a very long time ago. I think right now USA is experiencing its end-of-empire times.