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Otter Browser Forum / Re: We haven't had a weekly build...
Last post by DaveH -
True, but I only follow the weeklies channel!
In fact I think we've had two release candidates since the last weekly build, which seems a bit strange.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by Mr. Tennessee -
Trump can't be clued in. He defies Cluedom.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Disabling IFrames?
Last post by Frenzie -
Qupzilla doesn't seem to have an option for it either. Maybe it's not possible? Interesting question!
Browsers & Technology / Re: General Unix/Linux Thread
Last post by Frenzie -
One important thing to note: When Torvalds gave that company his middle finger and a public cursing, the room erupted in laughter and cheers. Bad behavior is much harder to change when you're surrounded by people who encourage it.
Um, it's "that company" (@qz: why not write Nvidia?) that was behaving badly. You might argue all kinds of things about the best way to address the issue, but that wasn't so much bad behavior as collectively venting frustration. To call that bad behavior seems like an incredibly black & white way of thinking. Now of course it's true that you shouldn't encourage it even then because the ways in which we interact with the world tend to generalize, but we're talking about a properly deserved fuck you here.
Otter Browser Forum / Disabling IFrames?
Last post by beastie -
Hello all!

Opera used to have opera:config#Extensions|IFrames for disabling inline frames.

Does Webkit provide anything like it?
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by Jochie -
According to the book, Fear, Mattis and Tillerson tried to clue Trump in. They took Trump to the Pentagon tank where Mattison explained the 70 years of agreements and alliances after WW 2 that gave us domination. Tillerson added that's how the peace was kept. Pax Americana. Trump blew up, screaming its all bs. A fit similar to what Hitler was known for near the end of WW 2.

Naturally  the real reason is that we had the world in our hands with third world countries being our cheap manufacturing base or industrial countries supplying goods at reasonable prices, But mostly a low cost labor base, dedicated to the  comfort Americans via consumer goods. The real advantage was always tailored to advantage America, to keep our consumer goods living standard high. Similar to what England did mid 19th century.

We still see that with the advantages most Americans have in consumer goods, imported goods. Compare that to domestic products and services many of which are overpriced and not that good. The healthcare industry and Internet services come to mind. We are still good in agriculture, farming, even if they are highly subsidized such as with the Ethanol boondoggle.
Browsers & Technology / Re: General Unix/Linux Thread
Last post by ersi -
This story says that 18 months of compassion training may help Torvalds

Browsers & Technology / Re: General Unix/Linux Thread
Last post by Frenzie -
He does send some rather insensitive e-mails out in public, in any case.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: We haven't had a weekly build...
Last post by beastie -
We have RC12. It's from 2 weeks ago.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Otter-Mail
Last post by larry -
Importing Mails from M2 (the Opera Mail client), should be easy as these are just textfiles containing the whole message (headerdata, mailtext etc.). In Opera like in many other mailclients one mail per file. So this is straight forward.
Of course and unfortunately, this doesn't mean that these mails are automatically assigned to the desired label!
Unless we get some support from a developer of the Opera Mail Team I guess you will have to reassign the mails to the labels/folders.
For the "saved searches" and the "attachment", "document" etc. labels/folders this is different though, as this being done automatically by the mail client and so, can be done in a different mail client, too.
The Label/Folder-Names (including the "saved search" folders) are known, as they are plain text files.
The real problem is, that we do not know which mails the user has manually put into which folder (meaning assigned to which label).