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The important thing here it's Krake's post  -  My Library.
It's even better than my own posts...

Course no one wants / has the capacity for discussing it.
It menaces a few, it is not understandable by the rest.
Truth is always uncomfortable.

Our relationship with books, that's the essence we should be discussing, not "what" we read or not.
Krake presents nine different ways we look at our books. Well done.  (A little bit too much German way...)
As cautionary warnings go, this is the socio-political equivalent of Reefer Madness in terms of unintentional laughs. Instead of being a terrifying dispatch from tomorrow, it reeks of high camp.

That reminds me of the parody in That '70s Show. :P
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Grape tomatoes.

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You fell out of bed.
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Chief steward.
The Lounge / Re: What have you just eaten or drunk?
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 :coffee:  & mushroom soup.
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Steven Seagal co-authored a novel. From a review it sounds like an interesting book that I most likely won't touch even if I by some weird coincidence come across it in real.
Obama is in cahoots with a motley assortment of evildoers, including his Islamic terrorist brethren, a murderous Mexican drug cartel and the shadowy Deep State--forces that would be only too happy to replace the Constitution with sharia law. All that stands in the way of this sinister cabal, with their hashish-fueled and hooker-laden sex-murder orgies, is a godly, morally pure assemblage of "Shadow Wolves," Native American lawmen uniquely adept at tracking drug dealers and illegal immigrants. (I was shocked to discover that Shadow Wolves actually exist and are a real unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, because they're portrayed here as the ultimate romanticized fantasy of Native Americans: real-life Jedi whose heritage gives them borderline supernatural powers and allows them to live in perfect harmony with nature.)
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
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You were ice skating on a frozen pond and the ice cracked
The Lounge / Re: This or that?
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Drop a hammer on my toe.

Grape tomatoes or white grape juice?