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The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
Last post by Frenzie -
Umm...  :left:
leaving it up to member states to decide on their time zone

DST needs to DIAF ASAP.
The Lounge / Re: What Time Is It?
Last post by ersi -
The Dutch government said they'll decide about this DST business by 2021 at the earliest. :faint: The Benelux apparently said they all want to do the same thing, which'll probably mean "normal" time (i.e., "wintertime").
It's not up to your government. The EU will decide whether everybody must drop the compulsory clock-turning and make it voluntary - or they will not decide anything, in which case everybody must go on with it as decided earlier. In either case, our tiny little member state governments shall toe the line.
The European Parliament on Tuesday backed a proposal to stop the obligatory one-hour clock change between summer and winter time, leaving it up to member states to decide on their time zone and adjust their clocks for the last time in October 2021, 20 years after daylight-saving time was made compulsory in the EU. The text, approved by 410 against 192, needs final approval by EU ministers.
DnD Central / Yet another guy with a drone
Last post by ersi -
A Russian dude made a decent docu-vlog about Japan
Nice cinematography and mostly coherent commentary. A few places I did not know about.

The drone part begins at 27 minutes. Have I mentioned earlier that I hate cities? I particularly hate dense cities.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by jax -
However, he ignores that the US has been doing this exact same thing to EU citizens throughout the post-911 era, a "visa waiver program" involving an application to get authorised entry to the country. It is an actual visa procedure to get your visa waived, so to say. At first the procedure cost USD 5, now it is USD 14 I hear, but soon will be 20 I'm sure.

My favourite tit-for-tat would be to have Visa waivers for all but residents of a dozen US states.  That would be true reciprocity.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by ersi -
Notre-Dame de Paris may be tons more valuable in many ways, but for me it was hard to appreciate as a tourist, because other tourists were in the way. Too many people in too small space. Whereas St-Eustache was basically empty while also being much bigger and taller, so I could take my time to appreciate every corner. And there are lots of corners to appreciate. It is of somewhat irregular plan, different parts from different ages.

Similarly from a tourist's convenience point of view, Eiffel tower is not worth it. Too overcrowded and you do not get very high. Take Tour Montparnasse instead:
- you'll get higher
- faster
- cheaper
- bonus: excellent photographic/selfie-worthy view towards the Eiffel tower.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by Frenzie -
It's also a handful of centuries more recent. But yes, I'd also expected it to be slightly larger.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by ersi -
In New York, which I visited before Paris, I saw churches that I suspected were small copies of Paris' Notre-Dame. Then in Paris I was surprised to see how tiny Notre-Dame is. St-Eustache is far more impressive in my opinion. But of course I don't want any of them to burn.
:q and :wq are the most important I'd say
The annoying thing is that :q simply throws up an error if you have (unintentionally) edited something but not saved it. Therefore :q! is more important.

I also have it difficult to remember the different modes. When the syntax highlighting is the same in different modes, it gets impossible to be aware of the modes. This is why I actually use vim just as a fun practice, not as a tool for serious writing and editing.

The purpose of the fun practice is to learn less better. That's the tool for viewing text files, searching in them, opening and navigating multiple buffers. I do not have syntax highlighting in less so I distinctly remember that I am in less, just viewing. But when I enter edit mode (by pressing v in less, which takes me to nano - must set the editor environment variable for this, otherwise it takes you to vi), the syntax highlighting turns on in nano and I can clearly see that now I am editing.

Not sure if there can be any educational purpose to Emacs. Well, browsing the web with it will be fun for a while.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by Frenzie -
I saw, that's pretty terrible. I visited it in... 2002 I believe.
Vim isn't too hard, at least in the basics,[1] and you've got a lot of nice controls under colon.[2]

But mainly I just find it too much effort to remember what mode you're in and all that. My main purpose for it is in case there's nothing else available for some reason often there is Vi(m) and not Nano.
j, k and stuff like that
:q and :wq are the most important I'd say