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DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by jax -
Bloomberg ever did get his Extreme-Left
Sure, and Reagan was a communist.
Otter Browser Forum / ask for a newshortcut
Last post by Quetzal -
hi all,
i tried something impossible to do... this shortcut "seems" to not exist

how to activate the adress bar (easy) with clearing this field... impossible, no way to produce a sequence of shortcuts with Otterbro.

then, this sequence lookalike [activate adress'bar][alt+a][backspace]

and in waiting, i did it with auto-hotkey (ahk)
here the code i use (ctrl+appskey(wich is just near the rght ctrl on on my laptop)
Code: [Select]
#IfWinActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe  ;catch otterbrowser
Send, {F8}
Send, ^{a}
Send, {Backspace}
if (WinNotActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe)    ;emulate ctrl+a (select all) in other environnement
      Send, ^{a}

then if you got the time to implement this shortcut, wich is really usefull, when you used the adress'bar as a research tool

Ps: for the few i know about auo-hotkey the code can be diffrent in function of your environnement.. (then no certitude that this one work for those interrested with)
I think I'm happy with my slightly simpler to use Zim, but it definitely looks interesting.
Looks like org mode is so amazing that I may finally switch to Emacs. Its core is the distinction between a heading and paragraph. Or note title and content.

Then add lists, including checklists. Thus far markdown can do the same. But then add deadlines with calendar integration. Also add the ability of displaying it in Emacs with collapsing and expanding from the headings, tables that can do everything Excel can do, and advanced extensions to convert to HTML, Latex, PDF, and whatnot, and everybody should be convinced.

Org mode in Emacs can serve as notebook/organiser and authoring tool for code, article outlines, presentations, and more. Copycat versions for vim are trying to play catchup but are nowhere near. Here's a speech by its original author

DnD Central / Re: God Save the Governor!
Last post by ersi -
Yay, now we even have a Mississippi thread. Bookmarked!
finally, it do works...
there were only a problem with adresse in the line "application".

really thanks a lot Beastie
for the moment i have add
Code: [Select]
"type": "action",
"identifier": "OpenUrlAction",
"options": {
"icon": "",
"text": "Open in Opera"
"parameters": {
"application": "opera.exe",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"

i took it on an old post about this 'little' absence of the options <openWith>
but, if the link do appears with the right icon...

i have add the line [ "type": "action", ]

but it do not open the page, or the url in an other browser..

i try to do it with the old opera, because there a key in windows
HKEYlocalMachine/Software/client/StartMenuInternet... with otterBro too but no vivaldi or chrome or other
opera 12.18 was using this regedit key to open an other browser...

for the moment... well well well
Why don't you just add a
Code: [Select]
line in the
Code: [Select]
"includeIn": "link",

Or am I misunderstanding what you're trying to do?
then, it works, but this files is just an headack ... find where to do something is as "benji" (i do it, or not ???)

well, then i've remove the "open link" firt line of the OpenAlink Rightclick'menu wich is not really usefull in comparison of the next one OpenInAnothertab (its a use in vivaldi)

and i'm tryonf to had and openwith another browser... for the moment i've been abble to add <open with vivaldi>, an <open with opera>, just after the openInAnotherWindows... as in opera...

but it yet opened nothing, the .exe is not called and the url is not opened... it's hell there !!!
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Remove newToolBar
Last post by Quetzal -
yeap, you're right... i went into this files, just after had this new bar... but without to have close/reopned otter... and nothing was recorded into

now this bar is recorded, and is esay to find... (then i've post a few quicker, in little moment of panics (whaaat nothing to get it off... rhaaa)

thanks a lot