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Otter Browser Forum / Re: how activate auto-completion
Last post by beastie -
@Quetzal: if for some reason it has been changed in your local settings you can always find it on GitHub:
Normally you'd find this in Preferences > Search tab > Google > Edit... > Suggestions Query tab.

Is that what you're looking for?

Here it works fine both in the Search Field near the address bar as well as in the Search Field in the Start Page.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: how activate auto-completion
Last post by Quetzal -
well, VBR if you pass here...

could it be possible from you to put in the forum
 the google auto-completion server adress, present in the query field of the google search engine,

because after many search... impossible to catch these specific adress...

thank a lot
Otter Browser Forum / Re: how activate auto-completion
Last post by Quetzal -
yep, you're right, my Otterbro was in french... (help/Switch application language)
in english
tools/preferences/search/enable search suggestion

i tried with google search but, it do not work...

next i tried to do another google search engine by clicking Right on the input search and in creat new search in the contestual menul...
otter openned a window with all options for this search engine...
- Result Query is full of adress and data
- Suggestion Query is empty....
      Or this this one i'm looking for... and it's the same for all my other search engines, nothing in these input field ...

a solution ?? 
Otter Browser Forum / Re: how activate auto-completion
Last post by vbr -
just to make sure, do You mean the setting:
Setting: Preferences: [Search]
  • Enable search suggestions
With this option enabled, the completition of search suggestions works form me with the default settings (I checked the Google search).

(Otter RC12, webkit, Win 7).

Browsers & Technology / Re: General Windoze/MS thread
Last post by ersi -
More browsers, less browsers
Microsoft is building its own Chromium browser to replace the default [browser called Edge] on Windows 10.

On Android, Edge's square-y tile-y tab-switching is comfy. And the reading view is nice - no settings, but no settings needed because the default happens to suit me. Should I avoid updating from now on?
Otter Browser Forum / how activate auto-completion
Last post by Quetzal -
hi all,
today, the otterbro question is:

how to activate autocompletion of websearch engine...

i went have a llok in "preferences" "activate autocompletion... but i do not work
then i went into google-engine option... it's possible... but the adress of the autocompletion server is not "catch" with "create a new engine"

then i went in opera and chrome... but here too, noway to obtain these adresses

some got a solution, idea, or some magic-trick to solve this ?

thank a lot

DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Last post by ersi -
Russia Ukraine incident: Duma 'to honour ship seizure troops'
The speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament plans to give state awards to the border guards who fired on and seized three Ukrainian vessels and 24 sailors a week ago, Russian media say.
Mainly posting this for the neat map of the incident

Otter Browser Forum / password record problem
Last post by Quetzal -
hi, all
is there a way, to allow Otterbro to record automaticaly any couple login/password ??

because some website, do reload the page just after login/password are validated and the button record password do disapear in the same time... to quickly for me (my principal mailer in fact)

possible, not possible ??

thanks a lot
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by Frenzie -
Not that random.
I meant I didn't know he died yet. ;)
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by jax -
Not that random. The Democrats by that time got a more rational policy, while the Republicans were outsourcing it to the crazies, and they are not about to give it back.

He was also one of the few presidents who actually campaigned on foreign policy. The Clinton campaign famously came up with the "It's the economy, stupid!", and, just as famously, won.