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DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by OakdaleFTL -
FYI: A prediction from this humble but un-cowed American republican has it that Eric Trump (...not The Donald or Junior) will run in '24. We'll have to wait and see...?!
Yeah, we will: Interesting times!

(Remember, you heard it here first! :)
Hobbies & Entertainment / Re: Scale Modelling
Last post by Frenzie -
I don't know what kind of price range you're interested in, but I recently saw this video:
Hobbies & Entertainment / Re: Scale Modelling
Last post by Luxor -
I've not done any model building since I was a teenager, a very, very long time ago.  ;)

Used to enjoy it and spent many a happy hour constructing them, then painting them to try and make them look realistic. Mostly plastic model kits, but I did build one balsa wood model aircraft and that took me a long time, lot's of cutting parts for the frame. Doubt I could do it nowadays, you need good eyesight and a steady hand.

Only piece of advice I would give is take your time and don't rush it. Enjoy your new hobby.
Hobbies & Entertainment / Scale Modelling
Last post by Belfrager -
I don't know why but I decided to try scale models as a hobby to distract me.
So, this will be my first attempt to build a 1/72 airplane model, I'll let you see the results once it is concluded.

I thought that smaller scales woul be easier but the moment I started looking inside the box Iḿ already regreting, this scale is too much small, iI think 1/48 would be easier.

Anyway, this is the one i'm building, it's a Polish aircraft with it's first flight at 1933.
I will use hand brushes, not airbrushing.

Advices are very wellcome, I'm sure we have amongst us a lot of specialists. :)
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by Quetzal -
yep, i went back to to try to download the #400, because it become to be more en more difficult to pass capchas all over the net

and i seen that this #400 was for XP user only...

then i will wait, wait and wait... godo may comes soon, hope not with santa claus, it'll be a few late

good surf DaveH ;)
DnD Central / Re: Infrastructure
Last post by Luxor -
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by DaveH -
I'm still on Windows XP, so when I update I extract the files from the zip file of the XP version, and then just move them all across to my Otter folder, overwriting as necessary.
That's always woked for me.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Weekly 400
Last post by Quetzal -
yep, i've seen that too... but it's only files, for windows.exe lover that i am ?

some could explain me how to update my #380 with the new #400 ??

instead of this little difficulties... hope you're well...
I'm fine with the snap stuff in principle, as an alternative source. What I don't like though is how in Discover for example you have to pay extremely close attention to where a suggestion's coming from. If you use the command-line or a more dedicated app like Muon that's not an issue.
Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2 now includes browser Vivaldi.

Some years ago there used to be resistance to shipping corporate-ware with Manjaro. Now there's Staroffice and Vivaldi and some other things. There also used to be attention to consistency of app sources - repos only - and the users had the opportunity for AUR. But these days Manjaro ships with snapd too...

My Manjaro installations on various machines are old enough so that these new additions do not concern me, but if I need to install again, I will need to pick a different distro.