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DnD Central / Florida walkability
Last post by ersi -
Miami conurbation (all the way from South Miami to West Palm Beach) is passable in most places. It has decent (and improving) public transit.  But occasionally they forgot the sidewalks. On my first visit I was shocked to find that there was no way to walk out of the airport to a bus stop nearby. I ended up in the middle of a highway with my suitcase - no sidewalks. Luckily a taxi driver picked me up and took me to the bus stop.

Otherwise the metro is okay. Tri-Rail connecting the entire conurbation is okay. Bus traffic is decent (often their ticket registers are broken, so the drivers allow people board free of charge). Streets and buses can even accommodate some cyclists. I explored many "downtowns" of the Miami area and they were all good enough for a walker like me. In some places the walkable "downtown" did not reach very far though.

Outside Miami in other places I saw, such as Orlando and St Augustine, bus traffic is so sparse that if you miss a bus, try again next day. And particularly Orlando is hostile to pedestrians. There are islands where you can walk, but those are isolated islands. St Augustine is tolerable because it is basically a single city. Orlando is a mess of several disconnected cities and there is no rhyme or reason to its geography except to keep things and places far away from each other.

Across and throughout the state, there were two types of (out-of-town-)roads: Smaller and narrower with lower speeds, paved with some type of asphalt, and speedways of full concrete. Actually, if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist, there is just one type of roads: Cars only. I got by without having to drive though and returned alive.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in Benelux?
Last post by Frenzie -
It's definitely not untrue, though I nevertheless think he's exaggerating a bit about America.

On the flip side, I've never been anywhere near Florida. Michigan's the only state I've been in that makes the top 20.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in Benelux?
Last post by ersi -
Comparing car-driving in the Netherlands to that in USA.

Otter Browser Forum / Re: load page in cache ?
Last post by Frenzie -
The caching mechanism is automated. I'm not quite sure what you're asking for exactly?
DnD Central / Re: Money dumped in vast amounts for space?
Last post by jax -
Humans Will Never Colonize Mars

The suggestion that humans will soon set up bustling, long-lasting colonies on Mars is something many of us take for granted. What this lofty vision fails to appreciate, however, are the monumental--if not intractable--challenges awaiting colonists who want to permanently live on Mars. Unless we radically adapt our brains and bodies to the harsh Martian environment, the Red Planet will forever remain off limits to humans.

Mars is the closest thing we have to Earth in the entire solar system, and that's not saying much.

The Red Planet is a cold, dead place, with an atmosphere about 100 times thinner than Earth's. The paltry amount of air that does exist on Mars is primarily composed of noxious carbon dioxide, which does little to protect the surface from the Sun's harmful rays. Air pressure on Mars is very low; at 600 Pascals, it's only about 0.6 percent that of Earth. You might as well be exposed to the vacuum of space, resulting in a severe form of the bends--including ruptured lungs, dangerously swollen skin and body tissue, and ultimately death. The thin atmosphere also means that heat cannot be retained at the surface. The average temperature on Mars is -81 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 degrees Celsius), with temperatures dropping as low as -195 degrees F (-126 degrees C). By contrast, the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was at Vostok Station in Antarctica, at -128 degrees F (-89 degrees C) on June 23, 1982. Once temperatures get below the -40 degrees F/C mark, people who aren't properly dressed for the occasion can expect hypothermia to set in within about five to seven minutes.

Otter Browser Forum / load page in cache ?
Last post by Quetzal -
hi, all
an other problem, another question... how to load with javascript a webpage, cached in the cache of otterBro

or , what kind of adress to write in the adress bar to load a page from the cache ?

about:cache gives acces to all the cached page... but how load it from there with an URL ??

thank a lot

PS: #380 works fine there
- the new contentblocking added with #320 now works as it should
- the passwords deletion do works as it should...

- still some difficulties with HTML5 video/content...
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by OakdaleFTL -
Why do you hold to the opinion that Trump is anything good in any way?
Because I'm not an ideologue.
What in his record as president you probably find reprehensible I find commendable. That perhaps explains why you need such vitriolic terms...for Trump, and for me.

BTW: What nation do you think has a non-joke government? :)

Would you do the honors, creating a Biden thread?
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by ersi -
You failed to answer any of the questions. Why do you hold to the opinion that Trump is anything good in any way? You failed miserably both on facts and on opinion. Discussion cannot be had with you. So, the following is not for you anymore.

Impeachment procedure is a joke in the American constitution. It has never once worked. Well, threat of impeachment worked against Nixon, surprisingly, but the procedure itself has never once yielded the result that the wise founding fathers imagined it would. The president's position is 100% unaccountable, if the president has full determination or no conscience or both.
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by OakdaleFTL -
Trump was acquitted based on opinion
You mean the House managers didn't present evidence that swayed anyone... It was -I agree- a "show trial"; but the incompetence of the prosecutors (...and their fear of exposure -- of who?) preordained the outcome.
Much the same thing happened at Trump's first impeachment trial. (Collusion between investigators, witnesses and "journalists" made most testimony too damning to present to the Senate.)
You [...] are all-in for Trump
Keep your blinders on! I have no need to be for or against Trump: He's not running for office, and his off-the-cuff opinions don't matter to me.
But his shakeup of the powers that be was long overdue. And the Biden administration's antics will reinvigorate the movement Trump spearheaded.
The Lounge / Re: Game: Forum Chess
Last post by ersi -