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DnD Central / Re: The comings and goings of the European Union
Last post by ersi -
Yes... maybe Putin dances better Afro folklore. I doubt RT to ever show us such splendid spectacle.
Putin is no stranger to dancing

And not to singing either

He is awesome like Yeltsin
Browsers & Technology / Re: Less obvious Android uses
Last post by ersi -
Bliss OS is an Android version for desktop. Most importantly, the app store seems to work :)
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by ersi -
Trump accuses Google of rigged search results about him
In his tweets, Trump said -- without offering evidence -- that "Google search results for 'Trump News' shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out. Illegal?"

Google rigs search results depending on who is searching. Trump has his own personalised Google search results.
Browsers & Technology / Re: StartPage vs Google differences
Last post by ersi -
Using the above search string, I don't get ads (except sometimes one or max two at the top) even if I disable uBlock Origin (which blocks ads too).
No adds on the sidebar as you falsely assume , whether with scripting enabled or disabled and without any ad blocker.
I don't trust switching an adblock on and off. I have whole separate browsers, one with adblock, another without, and I occasionally try clean profiles.

I do my level best to make internet workable the way I need it, but then at times I have to see the webpage the way it's presented to a dumbuser. That's one of the reasons I use different browsers set up very differently.

One more funny detail with Google search: When starting the search in French, the first line (in Chromium incognito window) says "Conseil : Recherchez des résultats uniquement en français." I click that and the first two results (after some Google notification and images) are in English. The third result is in medieval Latin from, i.e. it goes by my IP. Your results are different, so it can be safely determined: The results depend more on where you are, less on what you are looking for. I have already experienced this with VPN.

Any way you look at it, the language settings do not affect the results. Google search engine has become basically useless, when it comes to languages.
Mozilla publishes its Firefox user data

The new Firefox Public Data Report will include information about yearly and monthly active users, how many hours per day those users spend with Firefox, how long it takes users to upgrade to the latest version, how many Firefox users install add-ons, which add-ons are the most popular and more. That data can be segmented by region and by the top 10 countries where Firefox is most popular.

The data that's available in the report today goes back just over a year and Mozilla plans to update the site at least once per week. Mozilla stresses that this data doesn't come from some kind of real-time monitoring system but that it's aggregated and anonymized data from a subset of its users. Indeed, if you are a Firefox user, you can simply go to about:telemetry and see what data is sent to Mozilla.

It doesn't come as a surprise that this data shows a downward trend for monthly active Firefox users, which now measure about 250 million, down from well over 300 million last April.
DnD Central / Re: My second attempt
Last post by jax -
Great but as mentioned before I have little use for GoogleMaps.
I like to search for areas that you can't see, blocked. Finding those areas reveals a lot.
Then you take plane home from either Bergen or Oslo. You spend a weekend or a week, and you have "done" Norway. Next year New Zealand.
I propose a tourist hunting season every year at all countries. Your living room with the walls decorated with your tourist trophies, that's quality of life.
Theresa May delights us by showing her dance skills
Yes... maybe Putin dances better Afro folklore. I doubt RT to ever show us such splendid spectacle.

Brexit to them, just disappear forever.
Theresa May delights us by showing her dance skills