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The Lounge / Re: For keeps or drop.
Last post by Syav -
Quick enough.
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Last post by ersi -
Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, defying allies, foes
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Trump's announcement as a "historic landmark," but other close Western allies of Washington such as Britain and France were critical.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the United States abdicated its role as a mediator in peace efforts, and Palestinian secular and Islamist factions called for a general strike and rallies on Thursday to protest.

The international community does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the entire city, believing its status should be resolved in negotiations. No other country has its embassy in Jerusalem.


Trump's decision risks further inflaming a region already grappling with conflict in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Eurafrica?
Last post by Belfrager -
It seems Neto dos Santos and his kleptomaniac klan has fallen in disgrace, Being substituted by whom'? His Vice of course.

Portugal remais silent, as well as the rest of the world.  So much oil to profit from there.
and the UK becomes a third world country as far as the EU is concerned.
It is already.
The Eurofighter is not a Britishfighter, not even less a Brexytfigther.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Last post by Frenzie -
America owns Dutch history. :P
The Lounge / Re: The Holiday Greetings Thread
Last post by Frenzie -
Happy Independence Day!

Also happy Sinterklaas. Around here it's on the 6th rather than the 5th.
The Lounge / Re: The Holiday Greetings Thread
Last post by ersi -
Onnea Suomi! (100th anniversary of Finland's independence)
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Luxor -

Every shop you go into is playing the same Xmas songs.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Frenzie -
True. In the "once upon a time" sense anyway. At 8° C today I suppose some leftover ice would be conceivable, albeit unlikely.

You're going to the store now.