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Otter Browser Forum / Re: password record problem
Last post by Quetzal -
well, it seem to be resolved, here anyway...
the module pawsword do not record nomore a new couple loginpassword everytime i log somewehere

thanks a lot
the win10 i got and that i'm using is probably my last windows tool... i will pas on linux because, microsoft turns its customer OS to a simple MS client, and not as a personna computer... it tooks me one month fo configurate my win10 correctly with a lot of external apps...

win7 is more closed that XP was but still is made in the idea of a personnal computer... win10 is make for the web... and to be a personnal data sniffer...

the next MS OS will certainly be AIreaddy to prevent everything to be done by customers against MS service... then nomore MS

linux may will be the next génération OS because of no AI into... AI is really evilic for small coders as i
I think my wife wants to stay with Windows 7 too.
I have been on Linux ever since Vista happened. I never got to see 7.

What are particular problems with 10? I know it has a thing called subsystem for Linux, but I don't know how well it is possible to run Linux apps with it. As an idea it sounds good but the implementation might be as bad as Wine (to run Windows apps on Linux) which is barely usable.
Of the remaining Windows 7 users, (and there a lot them) how many are going to continue using Win 7 after January 1st 2020? Amazingly about 35% of Windows devices are still Win 7. I plan on staying with Win 7 Pro and rely on 3rd. party software to keep me safe from the bad guys. When I do give up on Windows, I'm switching to Linux Mint. Win 10 will never be on anything I own. Just wondering! :sherlock:
Browsers & Technology / Re: The Hardware Thread
Last post by ersi -
Today I got to try that Mousetrapper thing on Windows. The good:

- Each button is individually remappable. It is particularly great that you can make the keys do copy and paste. However, the remapper is a proprietary Win app. Not sure how it would work under Linux.
- Even if all else fails, it is a good armrest!

The bad: The touch experience is somehow extraordinarily repulsive. And the touchpad and the keys, i.e. the function parts, are overly sensitive (too touchy).

I will stick to trackball.
Browsers & Technology / Re: The Hardware Thread
Last post by Frenzie -
I hadn't heard of that specific device, but there are plenty of touchpads you can get. Personally I'd most seriously consider a small or medium sized Wacom touchpad since besides the newer multitouch gestures you can also use the pen on it.
Browsers & Technology / Re: The Hardware Thread
Last post by ersi -
At my new job I discovered some people are provided a thing called Mousetrapper. I did not know this thing existed. Did you?

Browsers & Technology / Re: Phones! phones! phones!
Last post by ersi -
In my blissful ignorance I simply consider software in terms of what it does, without thinking much about what amount of hacking and experimenting and workaround went into making it do what it does. If that's what you mean.

The fact that the Ubuntu image (and whatever it is that underlies Termux, perhaps Debian) has to be tacked on to Android instead of having the ability to be sort of naturally integrated, speaks of Android's closedness and inflexibility. Because, you see, Android kernel basically *is* Linux kernel, so why is there a need to download a whole new real Linux kernel alongside with it and all the rest of that stuff? The procedure kind of implies that Linux would run in a virtual machine sandbox environment or the like.

Well, I am happy enough that Termux works. I do not worry myself too much over how it was achieved - as long as the internal drive still has space.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Phones! phones! phones!
Last post by Frenzie -
If it's built into the system it might have some chance of working reasonably well, whereas the regular on-Android stuff is a collection of horrible hacks.