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Hobbies & Entertainment / Re: Nordic Noir
Last post by ersi -
The Bridge: new version to span Russia and Estonia
This was in 2016. Now it's ready and started airing
Okay, some comments after watching the first three episodes.

First the positive. Nice dark visual esthetic (easy on the eyes) and a background score reminiscent of Drive [edit: How did I get it wrong the first time?] This particularly applies to the opening episode.

And now the rest.

A predominant theme in the series is a play on European-versus-Russian stereotypes, which is neither insightful or funny, and does not help the plot to advance.

Ah, the plot. Like TV series usually, it is predominantly dialogue-driven, and the main device to make it seem that some action is happening too is change of scene/location. This does not fool me, particularly when the dialogue is dense with plot holes. Luckily they are not the kind of plot holes that don't make sense at all in a detective story. Still, there is a mass of details in the wrong order or at the wrong time, so the result is the same - that's not how detectives work. I guess it is called wrong structuring of the storyline and wrong sequencing of plot points.

When the plot is dialogue-driven, it is unfortunate that the post-production of sound is a hit and miss. Some background voices that would be hugely beneficial to explain what is going on in the screen are overly tuned down. Also, many Estonian characters are tuned down throughout for no apparent reason. Except perhaps to make it absolutely clear to every viewer that post-production of sound was done in Russia. As was pretty much all the rest of production, while Estonia served only as the location of some scenes. 

Special care has been taken to depict the Estonian main character, the female detective, as absolute schmuck. The schmuckness of that character might be due to the original dramatic premise, but it is outlandishly overexaggerated far beyond the point of ordinary culture conflict between Russians and Estonians (often referred to as "Europeans" in the dialogue). The exaggeration is so outrageous that it's not just bad writing, it is at best bad research, at worst intentionally inflammatory political propaganda.

The clash of cultures between Estonians and Russians, while it exists in real on the ground, does not exist in that form, and the depicted form does not make for a good entertainment. To be sure, Estonians and Russians have so many different elements in behaviour that they do not mix easily. However, there are so many Russians in Estonia that Estonians are well aware of Russian culture and generally capable of accommodating themselves to Russian mannerisms. And then there is the city of Narva (Estonia), where the story starts. It is not just any Estonian city, but a city with a 90+ percent Russian population. The borderguards and policemen are Russian there on both sides!

The Estonian language, as seen and heard in the series, is such a terrible mix of accents and outright language mistakes that I am positive that some highup in the production took special care to make it such. The first language of the main Estonian character is best called fake Estonian, while her second language is Russian with a noticeable accent. How could the makers of the series screw up both languages in one main character? By employing a Lithuanian actress and using her real voice throughout, even though there was a good set of Estonian extras available and plenty of opportunities to fix matters in post-production.

The actors employing fake Estonian (there are a number of them besides the main criminal police character) have been provided with subtitles by the Estonian TV to make the fake Estonian understandable. Real Estonian actors, when speaking Estonian, come with no subtitles, not even when their voice is tuned so low that it is near-inaudible. Why should they be near-inaudible? Could it be that many viewers have TV's with cinema quality audio system? I don't.

An interesting detail on tech displayed in the series: Computers and smartphones have neither Mac or Windows, but something that seemed like Yandex-skinned Android.

All in all, production values are far more interesting to observe about this series than the plots and themes. Somebody messed up big time, but in an instructive way for students of theatre, cinema, and TV.
Otter Browser Forum / Re: No more Win 64 bit binaries?
Last post by mihau -
So, no word on this from the developers or maintainers? No FAQ entry, nothing?
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by ensbb3 -

Your favorite tv show comes on tonight.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Luxor -
False. Did find something I thought I'd lost months ago though.

You have used a Virtual reality headset.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by ensbb3 -
True. How'd you know it was raining? lol

You've found something you forgot you had recently.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Frenzie -
False. Much better than I did the past two or three days.

You don't want to go out into the rain.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by ensbb3 -

You didn't sleep very good last night.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Frenzie -

You're expecting a phone call.
The Lounge / Re: True or false?
Last post by Luxor -

The shoes you want aren't available in your size.
The Lounge / Re: Random Chat
Last post by Mandi -
Good luck on the exam!
Thank you!

I just had a contract end, so I'm looking for another job now.
Good luck job hunting.😉

No one was amused.
I was. 😉