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DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in China?
Last post by Frenzie -
The discontinuation of Flash caused some issues.
The railroad system in Dalian, northern China, collapsed citywide on Tuesday for up to 20 hours after the Adobe Flash programing software stopped running.


Authorities fixed the issue by installing a pirated version of Flash at 4:30 a.m. the following day.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Last post by Barulheira -
When the book becomes rotten, they can do the same with a smartphone with the online Bible open.
Modern times.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Last post by Frenzie -
States in this case, not state. The synod wanted a new proper translation into Dutch and the States-General agreed to finance it in the 1620s.

The States General originated in the 15th century as an assembly of all the provincial states of the Burgundian Netherlands. In 1579, during the Dutch Revolt, the States General split as the northern provinces openly rebelled against Philip II, and the northern States General replaced Philip II as the supreme authority of the Dutch Republic in 1581.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Last post by Belfrager -
What is that? the Bible of the State?
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Last post by Frenzie -
My great-something-something was a pastor and we have a mid-19th century antique Statenbijbel which is probably larger if anything (taller, similar thickness).
Otter Browser Forum / Re: Otter and Windows XP
Last post by kwaku1 -
Czy brak wersji Otter Browser 1.0.02 dla Windows XP, to definitywny koniec? Czy tylko chwilowa przerwa?


PS. Angielskiego nie znam. Dziaders jestem. Dla anglojęzycznych przetłumaczyłem przez Google Transalator.

Otter Browser 1.0.02 for Windows XP is missing. It's over? End of Windows XP support?
DnD Central / what's going on in the you ess of aye
Last post by ersi -
During Biden's inauguration, "Lopez said part of the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish during her performance." This will surely make right-minded Americans plot another assault against a branch of the federal government peaceful demonstration to take back the country and to avert the imminent threat of illegal Socialist godless Communist totalitarian takeover.

Having stolen the elections, Biden swore himself in with an oversized Bible.
Biden was sworn in with a late 19th-century edition of the Douay Rheims translation of the Bible with extensive commentary by Fr. George Leo Haydock, the scion of an old recusant family who spent much of his life serving in Catholic missions in rural England.

DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
Last post by ersi -
According to fake news:
Trump has been asking aides, friends and other associates whether they'd like a pardon. When one such person declined Trump's offer for a pardon -- explaining that they faced no charges, committed no crimes and therefore had no need for clemency -- "Trump's response was, 'Yeah, well, but you never know. They're going to come after us all. Maybe it's not a bad idea. Just let me know,' " according to another senior administration official briefed on the conversation.
In other fake news, Rudy Giuliani offers Trump pardons for $2m. However, Trump did not pardon himself before leaving office.
Browsers & Technology / Re: E-readers
Last post by Frenzie -
Perhaps. Their marketing says your kid will either be staring at a traditional tablet to make their homework or they'll be staring at this tablet. I think everyone's perfectly capable of determining how true that is for them. ;)
Browsers & Technology / Re: E-readers
Last post by ersi -
No, I did not see that. By the way, I find all "eye protection" marketing with regard to screens dishonest. All reading is strainful to the eyes. To protect the eyes, read less!