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Title: Model railroads
Post by: mjmsprt40 on 2015-06-04, 13:42:48
Every now and then you come across something worthwhile. In this case, I was browsing Reddit/r/pictures when I came across this. Some guy has spent a lot of time putting together an impressive model railroad in his basement. I know RJHowie is a fan of railroads, and back in the day I used to have a small layout-- so I know this represents a lot of work to get it right. The fellow who put this together is retired now, so presumably he has the time and money to pursue his passions. Enjoy:
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Frenzie on 2015-06-04, 13:50:06
Btw, there must be entire Reddits dedicated to railroading, model and otherwise.
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: rjhowie on 2015-06-18, 20:53:10
Well I ihave been a fan of rail simulation and have had the trainz Sim for several years and just upgraded to theeir latest edition. The Glasgow Tramway system (steetcars!) closed in 1962 and was the biggest outside London. I got a route map and followed every single former route tracing terminusdes, depots, ete. Some 120 odd miles. Then more recently as a visitor to Ulster I flew over and took pictures and notes all over the Northern ireland Railways and have after a couple of years completed that. Now I have extended oer the Border all the way to Dublin and extensions there. Both my tramway and railway are probably the lgest ever done on actual systems rather than make belive ones. As a wee boy I had a model railway on a board but this is even better as everything is a bit nearer the actual thing. At level crossings the siren sounds, lights flash, barriers come down and traffic stops until the line is cleared. Signalling is just like the real thing and on Trainz you can actually move from one train to another In addition one can also programme trains to stop at stations for passengers whilst you drive another and s on. People who register with Trainz (taken over by N3V Games a couple of years ago) can make things and upload them to their site for members to download. It is also by far the easiest simulator to actually build with. I have 2 websites - one for my massive Glasgow Tramway System from the past and now my N. Ireland Railway (and southern extensions).

My thanks to mjsmsprt40 for informing me of this link. Pity I missed the Windy City on my two US trips!
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: jax on 2015-06-19, 17:31:42
Are railroad models on topic?
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: rjhowie on 2015-06-25, 00:59:19
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Jimbro3738 on 2015-09-03, 10:30:46
Railroad models?
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Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Luxor on 2016-04-29, 12:00:24
An impressive video of a camera mounted on the engine of this model train. It doesn't have any model buildings or scenery, but it does have a lot of track. You might prefer to watch it with the sound muted though, I would recommend it as the music is awful.

Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Belfrager on 2016-04-29, 23:26:24
I saw a cat, a dog and the house of a psychopath.
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Frenzie on 2016-04-30, 16:41:52
Damn, I wonder how long that took to setup (and how much money all that track costs).
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: Frenzie on 2020-02-04, 20:53:57
Vaguely related If I recall correctly @rjhowie might be interested.
Title: Re: Model railroads
Post by: ersi on 2021-05-03, 17:13:34
Model trains can be pretty.

But Guinness records are increasingly pointless.