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Title: android cpu governor speedstep
Post by: Sparta on 2016-08-06, 14:27:54
this recently i figured how to manage the android cpu governor.

interactive is my favorite,  it can tunable to super interactive with jump to  full cpu frequency.
similar with performance governor.
without mostly locked at max freq.

its also can play at mid power for daily usage.
with adjusting high load parameter at 60-70% of cpu.

however,  i cant figure one thing.

how is to  drop to  the lowest frequency ASAP,
when there is no more  tasks.
something like fast up and fast down speed step.

fast up so it can finish  tasks as fast as possible.
and fast down to save battery usages.

this is my current interactive governor  profile:

above_hispeed_delay: 80000
boost: 0
boostpulse_duration: 60000
go_hispeed_load: 99
hispeed_freq: 1728000
io_is_busy: 0
min_sampling_time: 60000
target_loads: 90
timer_rate: 30000
timer_slack: 40000

i think its similar with linux governor.

unfortunaly i am no too familiar with linux.