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Title: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Emdek on 2018-05-01, 19:32:57

Last month of development left, next RC release will mark feature freeze.
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Frenzie on 2018-05-01, 20:23:04
Plus a Git tag! Always good. :)
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: mathman12 on 2018-05-30, 19:47:13
I noticed the following comment:
   "Last month of development left, next RC release will mark feature freeze."

So I have several comments.  First, I noticed that the font displayed for mathematics in Wikipedia is probably too small.  To demonstrate, go to Wikipedia for any page that displays equations or mathematics.  For instance, load the page about "Special Relativity".  Part way down the page is the beginning of the mathematics behind Special Relativity.  All fonts in the equations appear too small to me.

   Second, I would like to see a "Paste and Go" option in the search areas on the address bar and on the start page.

   Third, when I start a session from a previously saved session, I have the option checked to load each page only when I focus on the next web page.  This option can save on bandwidth.  Here, this option works as expected.  However, if I then open another previously saved session, all pages are loaded simultaneously.  I think the option to load only when there is focus should apply as in the first case.

   As an aside, I would like to see the "issues" link to comments be put in the "About" box that is at the top of the page.  This move would eliminate users from having to scroll to near the bottom of the page to show "issues".  Also, a new user would immediately see the link and not possibly stumble upon it later.

   Otter has now become my main browser.  Please keep up the good work.

Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Quetzal on 2018-06-01, 16:09:12
cool, i've download it, and website are not load by the bottom... which was my first little ennoying difficulties [solved]

i don't know if you use ... but still i've exterminate falshplayer of my PCs impossible to play anything onto with otter and opera neon and some other... opera do work, vivaldi too etc...

the problem, a question of HTML5 Player... an option is present into the parameters(little gear whell in the search panel) with the working browser, and not with Otter and Opera Neon... ??? but youtube work is all.. i've change my user_agent to safari, not better ?

if you got time to have a look

instead of this... well is Otter the Opera 13 waited in vain my million users... may be... surely in fact... thanks a lot... (but i've a little weakness for Opera neon.. but not for daily browsing, no shortcuts, in fact nothing really usefull into, just awfully nice good looking

Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Emdek on 2018-06-01, 21:01:30
@mathman12, yeah, we are about to hit feature freeze for 1.0.
I would suggest to use single topic for this kind of feedback, like:

That font issue sounds like QtWebKit issue or page feature which can be overwritten by setting bigger minimal font size.

@Quetzal, do you have issues with HTML5 player, flash player or both?
Sadly, macOS port gets least love, which is ironic since WebKit is backed by Apple.
Hopefully QtWebKit 5.212 alpha3 will bring some fixes.
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Quetzal on 2018-06-02, 12:34:39
Quote from: Deezer_Help_Forum
Indeed, I have just had a feedback from our team about this.
The browser versions that support the HTML5 player are:
Chrome> = 55, Chromium:> = 55, Safari> = 10, Firefox> = 54, Edge> = 16, Opera> = 42 and Vivaldi> = 1.6
Opera Neon has been discontinued and is equivalent to Chrome 53. Its latest release dates from March 2017.
Musically !

as you can read, only some browser do have install HTML5 player in their product
then it's a new feature it seems, because as say upper, opera neon never had implemeted it... and stop product in 03/17

at last, i miss the good post, this is the realease of june thta iwas speaking about, and stops load pages by the bottom(is there a way to move it at the good place ??) tahnks
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Emdek on 2018-06-03, 09:57:35
@Quetzal, I guess that main issue is that macOS is still kind of exotic and very different from Windows and (to much lesser extent) Linux, I haven't properly tested any codecs there yet, since Apple seems to make it harder to support their platform, even MS finally went fully free with their SDK, while Apple has some totally not needed procedures to deal with...
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Quetzal on 2018-06-03, 16:44:51
well, i do not really see what your talking about... i'm a strict windows user, never try linux or apple... then the diffculties of other platform are a few far of my usual environement...

hm, i code a few in python, and i've donwload Qt5.4, pyQt and pypy... i haven't try anything with Qt, or a few some years ago with Qt4 but, i was really a newbi looking for a gui a few better than Tkinter... but if there some extra-test of small stuff to do... Qt4 was a few uneasy 4years ago...

thanks a lot
Title: Re: (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
Post by: Emdek on 2018-06-03, 19:12:18
@Quetzal. I've checked your User Agent (it's shown next to the post) and it suggested macOS. :-P
Anyway, under Windows you have three choices:

BTW, python is our language of choice for various tools.