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Title: curious behaviour
Post by: Quetzal on 2018-05-13, 14:14:32
hi all,

i'm in the configuration of a new lap-top with this beautifull win10-of-hell (which work really well, after few long modification)

then a little suprise, with the  user/appdata/local/otter/otter that i've done a copy as a backup caus, i've crashed win10 beautifully (but good for learn how to save myself on anyfutur problem...

then, after resintall and some stuff of configuration.. i reinstall otter, and the backup file too...

i was having some problem with some shortcuts on otter, but i was thinking that wth a new install all be back a first day... and with no config to do

and not... my ctrl+0 for a newtab noway..

finally, the problem was coming from the downlader because if the download of the file was still recorded, they nomore anyfiles anywhere ... otter was "marking" the file wich its usual squarry red cross... when these itemfils been deleted, all shortcuts comes back "as first day"...

beautifull story isn't it ??