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Topic: Costs (Read 8978 times)

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First I should remark that this is not an urgent matter so we can discuss this at leisure and with due thought: It is a subject that needs to be aired.

So far DnD has existed without funding and Frans has made brave noises about cost not being a problem with his set-up at present levels.

But what if we actually succeed and this is not a 1 year wonder but a continuing effort involving a much larger set of Members. We can hardly expect Frans to be exposed to more and more "little" costs which grow into something intolerable. Nor can we expect him to give of his time indefinitely without some form of help be it active work by us (or a.n.other) or money or indeed dedicating forever to this forum.

The change in Domain name was a minor cost thing, but it had to be done and money had to be raised. It was raised by donation from within the DnD Administration but that is unsustainable over the long term.
A subscription has been mention already and probably I and others would go for that but I suspect that would not normally be the case, especially for attracting the merely curious new member. But it is worth considering; the forum has built-in support for some kind of paid subscriptions .

Then there's advertising, but we are not an attractive prospect for that at the moment. Maybe the point where we are attractive will coincide with the critical forum size for sustainable membership.
Advertising would have its problems coming from its nuisance quotient and avoiding scams and viruses. Maybe Advertisements could be relegated to its own closed forum section, if a commercially attractive way of doing that could be found. I don't know, perhaps some of you have ideas.

I'm not suggesting that we raise funds just yet, we have to make this thing a success first, but we need to know where we might go and what the boundaries of the present set-up are. Last but not least we need to know what is the general consensus on this.

Finally please note that the T&C bars people from making money from posting. It's phrased like that to avoid stating that the Forum itself should not raise money for its own continuation.

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Re: Costs
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Frenzie needs a salary...