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Topic: Google Chrome installs stealth audio listeners (Read 888 times)

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Google Chrome installs stealth audio listeners

A nice discussion on DSLR.

Reading the Chromium dev's (presumably) response pretty much makes it clear they are injecting a closed-source blob into what is allegedly an open-source app (Chromium, that is. Chrome is not open source), regardless of user permission.

This would seem to violate even the loosest interpretation of open source principles and moreover, user trust.

Chromium is now spyware. If I were in charge of a malware-removal app I'd add it to the list.

Of more concern is this: does this treachery extend to the Blink engine used by many other browsers? This could seriously hurt the nascent Vivaldi project.

So far about the most 'successful' open source browser project of our days, called Chromium and its jewel Chrome.

Hail! One browser to rule them all!

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