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Topic: FIREFOX -- Custom Buttons & Other Add-Ons (Extensions) (Read 2340 times)

FIREFOX -- Custom Buttons & Other Add-Ons (Extensions)
Some say that FireFox is the browser created for Add-Ons, rather than the other way around.

There are tons of Add-Ons that either adds features or assists productivity available from various talented programmers & FireFox users.

One of my very Favorite Add-Ons for FireFox is Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons enables just about anyone the ability to make custom toolbar buttons for assigning various functions, accessing a multitude of features, & taking advantage of various other actions..............even making button menus of most types of custom buttons.

If you are using FireFox all you need to do is install Custom Buttons to your add-ons (extensions).

click here to install in FireFox     Custom Buttons Add-On

I'm not a button programmer myself, but over the years I have become familiar with how some buttons function, & how to customize them to do what I needed them to do.

Most of my modifications are cut & paste, & trial & error code tweaking on the simplest level.

Here I will attempt to share some of my successful acquisitions & or creations.

If any of you have any Custom Toolbar Buttons made for the Custom Buttons Extension/Add-On --- either made by you or others --- feel free to share them here.

Describing how they are used & or how they work, may go a long way towards novice enjoyment.

If you make your own FireFox Custom Toolbar Buttons, I'm sure others would appreciate in seeing your work. 

Here's a fun button I just finished working on for the users of this forum.

It's called  Insert Smiley for DnD

This button, when installed on a toolbar & pressed, shows you a visual of all the smileys within the button in a popup-up box.


* When you want to use a smiley just place the cursor in the text box you want to place the smiley
* Press the button
* When the selection box comes up, choose your smiley by clicking on it,
* The image code for the smiley will be placed at the cursor location.
* As long as the text box is in focus (the cursor is in an intput text box) clicking on another smiley will insert
  the smiley at the cursor location.

*** Remember, you need to install the Custom Buttons Add-On prior to installing this button.
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Re: FIREFOX Custom Buttons Add-On (aka an Extension)
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What Custom Buttons do you use, or what Custom Buttons would you want?

Re: FIREFOX Custom Buttons Add-On (aka an Extension)
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I am not a terribly big fan of D&D's trollface.

I prefer one like this, to indicate my said trolololololol:

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Re: FIREFOX Custom Buttons Add-On (aka an Extension)
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What Custom Buttons do you use,

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Re: FIREFOX -- Custom Buttons & Other Add-Ons (Extensions)
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Here is another very handy Custom Button I use

It's called Plugin Toggler

It simply does just that, it finds your installed plugins, & then lets you toggle them on or off individually, or in mass.

As noted above, to be used in FireFox you need to have the Custom Buttons Add-On installed prior to installing this little gem.