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Topic: Otter-browser on Ubuntu Unity8? (Read 1137 times)

  • bluedragon77
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Otter-browser on Ubuntu Unity8?
Would it be possible to package Otter browser via a click or snap package on the new Ubuntu unity8?

I figure Otter browser is made with QT, and the new unity8 on Ubuntu has a QT/QML API. With minor modifications to Otter's UI even Ubuntu phones could be supported.
It is an opportunity for Otter, because there is not a lot of competition yet on that platform, so otter could win the hearts of Ubuntu unity8/phone users. And trough them Otter would get some traction by positive marketing via word of mouth.

Also unity8 and click/snap packages will soon become the default on Ubuntu anyways.

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Re: Otter-browser on Ubuntu Unity8?
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Similarly it may not be too difficult to do something for Sailfish OS. The question is to what extent it's worthwhile. Admittedly, I quite enjoyed some user styles in Opera Mobile, even if they were very hard to configure on my phone and it was easiest to just copy from desktop.

  • bluedragon77
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Re: Otter-browser on Ubuntu Unity8?
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With future Ubuntu(which will be called Ubuntu personal FYI) it is not so much about it only being an mobile platform, as it will be all phone, tablet and desktop at the same time but with one codebase.
Though if Otter enters the platform soon they will not have a lot of competition.

But hopefully Otter will support many platforms including Sailfish.

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Re: Otter-browser on Ubuntu Unity8?
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@bluedragon77, we could do that, but we would need maintainer for packages...
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