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Topic: Drone Technology (Read 8219 times)

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Drone Technology
There was a new agreement reached today between the UK and France to jointly develop Drone Technology, one aim being to replace Fighter Aircraft with Drones. See here - Cameron and Hollande finalise plans for Anglo-French drone

As an anything-that-flies enthusiast from way back I'm technically interested in the drones and in seeing how they develop and what technology they use. So it will be fascinating to see how that pans out. Fat chance that the discussion will stick to that, but I've put it in the title, so there.

The article, however, is thought-provoking at different levels, the political, the moral as well as the technological.

There is an interesting turn of phrase at the bottom of that article, namely,
A recent report by the Ministry of Defence said multiculturalism was a significant factor in the public opposition to conflict, as a war-weary public becomes increasingly uncomfortable with seeing British troops deployed to countries from which they once came. --- Lots of issues there.

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Re: Drone Technology
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Btw, that reminded me of this video about the abilities of modern image stabilization systems as showcased in BBC's Planet Earth 2:
Or should I say, the abilities for fooling spectators? the abilities for controlling the weak minds? perhaps, the abilities for arresting you to the sofá?
A matter of attitude.