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Topic: Adding automatically updating speed dial (Read 988 times)

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Adding automatically updating speed dial

Is it possible to have an option for the new tab to point to an html file?

If this can be done, then we can simply use an html file to create a speed dial that automatically updates. An example is here

(see page 5)

Thanks for a great little browser ( it wiped Midori and Qupzilla off my machine) that is being run under Antergos Linux.

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Re: Adding automatically updating speed dial
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@allfw, it's currently not possible, but I can think about more than one way to achieve similar effect after slight modifications of source code.
The best solution although would be to finally finish part of scriptlets API needed to create macros (in this case combine actions to open new tab and go to home page which would be set to path to that file)...
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