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Topic: What's Going on in Europe (Read 113451 times)

What's Going on in Europe
Portugal is weeping, Geert Wilders Says Netherlands Would Be Better Off if It Left 28-Nation Bloc, France can't compete with Germany, Merkel is pissed at Obama, Belgium is ousting Afgans. Is anybody happy?

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Re: What's Going on in Europe
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A grislier German example of contract limitations.

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Privacy campaigner Schrems slaps Amazon, Apple, Netflix, others with GDPR data access complaints

Last May, immediately after Europe's new privacy regulation came into force, noyb [a.k.a. Max Schrems] lodged its first series of strategic complaints -- targeted at what it dubbed "forced consent", arguing that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google's Android OS do not give users a free choice to consent to processing their data for ad targeting, as consenting is required to use the service.
That's what I said: You get bugged for consent or you get shut off. No options.

Did somebody say that now, thanks to GDPR, you can ask from the companies to see how your data is used? Here's what it looks like.