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Topic: New and old hardware/software problems-- printing. (Read 1083 times)

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New and old hardware/software problems-- printing.
A couple of months back, I finally bit the bullet and replaced my old faithful XP laptop with this new Windows 8 laptop.
A quickie check showed that my old flatbed scanner is permanently retired (no surprise, it came with Windows 98 software) but that my HP 932C printer still has life left in it. So, connect up the printer, and it works--- well, sort of.

Turns out there's certain jobs it won't do well, or at all. It can't print photos choosing photo paper to save its life, and a recent attempt to print envelops-- a job it used to do with ease-- was an absolute shambles. Fortunately I still have the old laptop, so, connecting it to the printer brought the old machine back to life. It's a software/driver glitch, no doubt.

Question: The HP site is found wanting for a driver that actually makes this machine do what it's supposed to do on Windows 8. They've got a driver that makes the printer work-- well, sort of-- but is there a driver or software that can bring the old machine to full capabilities, or do I replace it with new. Just so's you know, the 932C is not much newer than my old scanner so replacement is an option--- I just want to see if I can get a little more out of this old printer before having to drive a stake through its "heart".
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Re: New and old hardware/software problems-- printing.
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Unfortunately I wasn't even able to find old drivers from HP. The latest HP scanning software for this scanner/printer thing we've got doesn't actually work, but unfortunately the CD-ROM is lost (plus that version wasn't so great either; it was the updated software from '09-ish that was pretty decent).