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Topic: Apple vs. the FBI (Read 12271 times)

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Apple vs. the FBI
I assume everybody is aware of this "problem"... (Let me know if you require more background.)

I'm interested to hear the opinions of others. (I've recently finished reading Apple's latest response... And I've formed an opinion. :) )
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Re: Apple vs. the FBI
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Apple's iPhone X has a workable Face ID. Hold up the phone to your face and
 it will unlock.

But Face ID only has five tries, so here is a suggestion to law enforcement officers who have detained an iPhone X owner: Do not look into the phone before holding it up to the detainee's face. Face ID might be close to the try limit already and holding it up to your own face first would waste another try.

And a tip to iPhone X owners, courtesy of 9to5mac.
To [quickly disable Face ID], simply press and hold the side button and either power button for several seconds. You'll then see a slider for powering the device off and Emergency SOS. At this point, Face ID has been disabled and you'll have to input your passcode to reenable it.

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Re: Apple vs. the FBI
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Huh, interesting. They could remove it in an update, of course.