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Topic: Download valuable's content (need help!) (Read 8529 times)

Re: Download valuable's content (need help!)
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Hi all
I uploaded FIXED version of Tamil blog's archive.

Now links that beginning with "opera:/button..." works correctly (you can install custom buttons in your Opera from pages of Tamil's blog archive).

Download link:

NOTE: Click on the "Click here to start download from sendspace" URL. Do not click elsewhere!

Download zip-archive
Extract zip-archive
Open file contents.htm with your web-browser

P.S. I've downloaded a lot more content (forums, blogs). I hope sometime i'll have a time to share all of that.

P.P.S.: Our beloved ZERO software finally blocked's content  :bomb:

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Re: Download valuable's content (need help!)
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Cheers. That's pretty big! :insane: