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Topic: Must Have Mobile Apps. (Read 7683 times)

Must Have Mobile Apps.

Well it's that time again, time for me to setup a new device. It's been awhile since I've sorted thru the market and as usual there are many new apps/devs I've never heard of to try or cull. Normally I'd take the time to download and try them all but with the increasing number of badly written, ad ridden, SDK apps out there I thought I'd try to solicit the community's help in determining good and bad. (Might save some testing and a restore or two.)

The more functions an app has the less apps you need and all the better for the Android OS's "multitasking" ability. So to that end I try and look for apps with a small footprint but a big kick. I've listed some tried and true apps with both paid (pro) and free (lite) versions to start off.

Market alternatives:

Best Apps on Android Market- Tested and approved apps from the market. First level sort anyway.
Getjar- A throw back from Symbian OS. Still a good source for apps.
AppsLib- A little off the reservation but a good source for more quality apps.
F-Droid- Open source apps.

Market apps (no root):

QuickPic- Small but powerful album substitute. Quick and plays mobile vids.
ES Explorer- All-in-one file manager. Been around forever. File/root explorer, unzip, cloud/network client and media player.
Mobo Video Player- Plays most any video format.
Ultra Keyboard- Best thing is; it's not Swype, lol. The toolbar and clipboard make this the best for me but development dipped for awhile. It seems to be doing good now tho. Copying multiple texts before composing is nice without having yet another clipboard manager and the toolbar adds word processing functions that I appreciate.
VidTrim- If you've ever wanted to send a video you just recorded but it was too large... bam.
Mp3 Media Converter- Multiple format converter.
Toddler Lock- Yeah, you know. Most powerful app around if you have a toddler.
Hide It Pro- Neatly hides whatever. I'm sure there are nefarious purposes I won't explore but it worked well to hide personal data I didn't want available on an unlocked phone.
Floating YouTube Popup Video- PIPed Youtube.
AnTuTu Benchmark
A better camera
Camera FV-5 Lite
Androidify- Make android avatars. Just for fun.
Calendar+- Here's a google calendar replacement I'm considering. Seems to include features I've looked to other apps outside my calendar for. Preliminary look is good.
Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)- Make fully custom widgets. Neat tho may take longer to perfect than it's worth. Made one I thoroughly enjoyed.
Ghost Commander- Duel windowed file manager.
or Open Explorer Beta- Very quick and neat
Type and Speak- This was just something I could have some fun with.
For my all-in-one Gapps substitute... GApps Sandboxed Browser is something I'm gonna try.
<a href="">Timeriffic[/url]- Take control of notifications

Nova Launcher- Very streamline and more functional than stock, and a good efficient launcher is the best way to improve performance without modding.
WindOS- Windows XP look-alike launcher. I looked for this for the 'just for fun launchers' earlier but just came up with it. Not so functional but fun.
Launcher3- Open source very basic.
Epoch launcher- I liked the looks of this overly simplistic launcher. Not very functional. Not great.
Atom Launcher- Again simplistic but with style. This one would be neat built into a ROM.

Frenzie's blog- Has several good apps worth a try.

Market apps (root):
Rom Toolbox Pro- Root terminal, UI and build property hacks, ROM manager, ad-blocker, app manager, script manager... the list goes on. All the basics for stock modding.
Busy Box Installer- I installed this. Usually comes with custom ROMs tho.
PDAnet- USB tether.
Screen Grabber- Screen capture.
Screen Shot it- If you don't have, between these two you're covered.
Orbot- Part of the Tor project.

3rd party:
**This is a BIG risk! Know the dangers before installing anything... That said, this is a must have from way back, better than any game. CBS sued and had it pulled from the market years back on copyright infringement. Saying, it was too much like the "device"/prop from, Star Trek: TNG. 0_o Anyway, I linked a forum that links a download and explains more. A must have for any science fiction fan.   
TriCorder from Moonblink- Tricorder app. Gravimetric, magnetic and radio bandwidth sensor among others.
Barnacle Wifi Tether- Ad-hoc Wifi. Was removed from the market because it circumvents hotspot blocks. (Root required)
Xposed framework - (XDA article) (Root required)
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Re: Must Have Mobile Apps.
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I'm surprised you write Leo.

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Re: Must Have Mobile Apps.
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Some week ago my Android YT app stopped working. It kept saying that an update is absolutely required, otherwise no go. I had kept it deliberately unupdated because the newest updates insist on you to log in.

TubeMate is a good alternative, I have found. It lets you browse YT, block autoplay, switch between mobile and desktop sites, it has a good number of video-sharing websites pre-bookmarked, and is capable of downloading from all of them. You can liberally bookmark more video websites.

At first I assumed TubeMate uses ytdl for downloading, but there seems to be something different going on. For example, TubeMate can download this video while ytdl cannot (President of Finland visiting Estonia, 1925).

The downsides:
- ads
- sometimes the app steals focus from other apps too aggressively