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Topic: Today's Good News (Read 117845 times)

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Today's Good News
Have you noticed that we usually debate only the bad things in life.

In this thread anyone can put down current news that they think is good (can be on any subject but not nasty, please, or so controversial that it provokes arguments). We can debate it and then move on when someone else posts some more happiness!

So I'll start with this gem, which will brings tears of joy to many, I am sure.

Chocolate is Good for you

Yes - it's official
Dark chocolate may be healthier

It's good for a cough and it's good for your heart.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Re: Today's Good News
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That depends on what you mean by ads. I like contextually relevant ads perfectly fine, as is typical in magazines. Those are what I'd like to call actually targeted ads. They don't seem to invade; they almost fit in with the content. Good ads are informative in a slightly biased manner. "Look, there's a new variety of peanut butter!" (What about the already existing variety that's similar and cheaper? Well, it is an ad...) Would any of this cause me to say I like ads when only given a black or white choice, whether now or 20 years ago? Hard to say. It's not like radio and TV ads weren't mostly shouty and obnoxious already.

Newspaper ads are a lot more random but you know, whatever. By contrast, "targeted" ads are nearly random nonsense that pretty much persecutes you for once having clicked on something, possibly even worse if you were actually thinking about buying it. And they pop in after the page already loaded. And sometimes they move. And they're never clever or relevant to anything. YouTube makes sure to play you an extra ad if you paused the video for ten minutes.

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Re: Today's Good News
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Whether good or bad, it is that day of divergence again. (Public service for those of you not on the Lounge).