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Topic: Translation like Chrome #112 (Read 1643 times)

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Translation like Chrome #112

To be honest, this particular feature was THE most prominent thing that put me off when I tried out Chrome for a day at its version 1. This feature made my mind go like: What? The same annoying popup as in FF when it nags about missing plugins? What if I am in the process of learning a new language by reading foreign pages (which is what I in fact do)? Now, how to turn this thing off?

Indeed, I could not find a button to eliminate that annoying popup bar, and there were other aspects about the product that made it an annoyance for me rather than a useful tool, so I uninstalled Chrome - after using it for a day or so at version 1 - and never looked back.

In contrast, Opera's translation menu is an absolutely fabulous concept:
- translate any text selected on a webpage selected with precision
- translate between any pair of languages from among a huge choice
- the choice of pairs of languages choosable with precision by means of right-click menu
- the choice of pairs of languages is configurable just like any other search engines - in fact, the feature is an integral part of search engines

FF's popup toolbar nagging about missing plugins could be hacked away (should have been an obvious button there). I did not find a way to kill Chrome's popup toolbar nagging about translation. Anyway, such popup toolbars have no justification for their existence in the first place.

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Re: Translation like Chrome #112
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I'm in complete agreement, and have nothing to add. That pop-up dialog reminds me a bit of that annoying paper clip of yore.