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Topic: Good cookies and bad cookies (Read 1639 times)

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Good cookies and bad cookies
Cookies (those things website place into your browser; they show up in the section labelled "cookies") can be used for many things, so I have heard, but good cookies are used to stay logged in on websites where you want to stay logged in.

When a website offers to keep you logged in and you choose to stay in for a specified time, say forever, then there are cookies at work. Good cookies obey your choice.

Good cookies keep you logged in across browser restarts and computer restarts, internet disconnections etc. These are really precious cookies. They are to be cherished. This site's cookies behave like this.'s cookies are nasty. The site throws me out even during the same browser session despite me having chosen "forever" at login. This is independent from the browser I use, Presto, Gecko, or Webkit. Anybody else having the same issue? Is this due to some disconnect between the cookie and how the website treats it (because it cannot be due to how the browser treats the cookie)? 

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Re: Good cookies and bad cookies
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Anybody else having the same issue?

Yes and it's been reported on their forum on a few occasions e.g. Would you like us to remember you?
They have come up with no solution for it as yet.
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Re: Good cookies and bad cookies
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It probably has something to do with gluing together various originally unconnected systems. But yes, it's annoying. I have to relogin every time I visit Vivaldi.