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Topic: Solution: Uniform Qt-Gtk GUI for Arch (Read 1536 times)

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Solution: Uniform Qt-Gtk GUI for Arch
Note: QGtkStyle has been removed from qt5-base 5.7.0 [1] and added to qt5-styleplugins AUR
If you have problems with Otter (or any other Qt app) not respecting Gtk style, Arch and Manjaro users have to install qt5-styleplugins which will connect the necessary dots between Qt and Gtk automatically.

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Re: Solution: Uniform Qt-Gtk GUI for Arch
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The same package exists on Debian as qt-style-plugins.

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$ apt search qt5-style
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qt5-style-plugins/testing,unstable 5.0.0+git16.g7aa4764-1 amd64
  Qt 5 extra widget styles

You can set environment variables globally in xinitrc, see

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Or you can run a Qt app with a specific setting to try it out.

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QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2 otter-browser

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Uniform Qt-Gtk GUI for FreeBSD
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Also, in FreeBSD, qt5-style-plugins.