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Topic: Is it possible to reduce RAM usage? (Read 277 times)

  • GregoryGoo
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Is it possible to reduce RAM usage?
Hi everybody!

First of all great thanks for all of peoples who developes that very promising browser! It work really faster than chrome and firefox, qupzilla and any other browser which not reduced in features like links or dillo.

Guys, I want to ask since you develop a browser with very good optimisations, is it chance to greatly reduce its ram usage? Today's it eats less than firefox, but more than I can imagine reason why. 3 tabs open and 600+ MB ram...
Maybe it possible to reduce its ram requirements?

  • Emdek
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Re: Is it possible to reduce RAM usage?
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@GregoryGoo, you can try to set Cache/PagesInMemoryLimitOption to 0 in about:config.
It could be also some memory leak or measure error.
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