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Topic: [weekly163] toolbar bugs (Read 168 times)

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[weekly163] toolbar bugs
First of all: the new multi-sidebar feature are really cool! and thanks to all otter-devs for the changelog! :yes:

I've encounter some bug in this first implementations of the new sidebar:
1- I'm no longer able to resize it
2 - adding web-panel seems not working anymore.

I've found another two bugs only on notes panel:
1- adding new note from webpage doesn't create new entry in the actual selected folder, but always on bottom of the main root folder
2- keybord shortcuts not working

At last, one request on toolbar feature: the new toggle button is too thin both horizontally and vertically and it is too hard to interact with, it would be better if the user can set its dimensions (through about:config or proper input control on configuration dialog).

Sorry for my english and greetings for another great release!


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Re: [weekly163] toolbar bugs
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@fullessness, yeah, resizing will return later, I would like t make it generic, so it could be used for example to resize Tab Bar while thumbnails are enabled etc.
And indeed, there seems to be a problem with displaying web panels.

Use of selected folder for adding new note is a good idea, but might be hard to implement.
Same applies to shortcuts, currently they are intercepted by web view.

About size of the toggle, I'm not sure if this is a good idea, I could increase its size slightly, but probably it is already as wide as it used to be in previous implementation.
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